Bionicle MOC: Bolvar - The Forge Master

This is my SelfMOC. He’s a revamp of the first MOC I posted on the interwebs (on Deviant art, not TTV boards). This is Bolvar: Toa of Fire and Metal.

Well, because he is a blacksmith (forge master, whatever), I decided to give him several weapons…

Water Sword:

Fire Sword:

Air Sword:

Forge Hammer:

Hammer and Shield:

Now, all of them:

Well guys, that’s all. Leave a comment and tell me what you think. :smiley:


I like the silver arm and the weapons look amazing. The head is interesting. Good interesting. GJ, mang.

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Very unique and well done. 8/8

Hrrmm…Awesome! the weapons look great! and that head is certainly something else! the gold does look a little out of place, but the rest is great! amazing work!

@MiraculousPrime @tak210 @RaptorTalon

Thank you! :smiley:

Yeah… I kinda ran out of orange and black ones :stuck_out_tongue: #NoRegrets


I can’t get over that face. It’s definitely creative but it’s so… wierd.

He looks like he has a gold collar.

and it looks freaking cool.

Really good MOC! I like his overall design and color distribution. Great details, gear and head! ^^


I think this looks pretty good,
that head is nightmare inducing though.

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The head is pretty cool, is it achievable with legal building techniques - how is it done? :3

“nightmare inducing”…

eeeheeheeheehee (evil cackling), you really think so? I would have preferred a different Krana, but that was the only one I had in orange so… yeah

@Scarilian just take a 2009 or 2011 pilot helmet (they come in dark red, silver and mata blue) and a glatorian head stick’em together and slide a krana up there and boom, done :smiley:

lookin good!

Love the arms and the weapons.

I love the look that the head and arms give it. Also the weapons are flippin awesome, 10/10

This MOC looks great! I give 10/10

P.S. it’s Iron, not metal. =P

Love the weapons. Though he could use a bit more red/orange on the legs to balance things out. The motifs and shapes are also a bit messy in the upper chest. As for the head, it’s super unique. But it kinda looks off to me. Like the face is too far down.

Still, smashing MOC! You planning on making changes?

That is incredible. I love it. The hammer and the shield look great. 10/10. The build is fantastic. The Krana Kraata Kraana Krata BOHROK BRAIN THING looks cool with the helmet. He looks depressed though, maybe use a * with a circular mouth?



Yeah, he looks like a Bolvar.

love this guy