Bionicle MOC: Cray

So this week I had absolutely nothing to do, and I decided you know what? I'll make a MOC and post pictures on the message boards, since it's been so long since I did that.

So enjoy!

P.S. This is my brothers self-MOC
Please read the backstory before commenting on the Avohkii!!

I started off with a fairly regular stance, where you can see his features.

A lot of people get picky about the fact some people don't post photos of backs of characters, and I have learned from that.

Now getting in a more aggresive stances. (To mainly show of the articulation.)

And.... oh yeah, he also has a scythe.

So his name's Cray and he's a titan from Nidaro Magna IV. On this planet he was guard of a mask maker. One day he got a white Olmak from the mask maker and he decided to go dimension-travelling.

Right around the 8th dimension he got bored and decided to steal a replica Avohkii from a museum. (Don't ask me how it got there, cause I don't know.) He teleported away to the 9th dimension, where he got in a fight with a great being there, who could also dimension-travel.

They wound up fighting in one of their interdimensional corridors and Cray's Olmak was knocked of his face, he quickly put on the Avohkii to conserve his life essence. He was thrown out of the corridor and wound up in the 1st dimension.He crashlanded on a planet there and was frozen solid for over 400 years.....


I like him! Here's my suggestions:
- Add armor or something to the Technic beams that make up his sides
- Put tires on the bottom of his upper arms.
- Flesh out the sides from the front using the hand pieces as a base.
- Make a better knee joint, the one you have now looks awkward and limits articulation.

But he looks pretty rad!

Thanks! This is definitely V1 and it could use some adjustments, so I will definitely try to use your advice.

I like his overall physique and the Avohkii helps in making him look more imposing. My one issue is that some textures look a little off. Though other than that, nice job!

Thanks! I felt like someone was going to comment on the textures anyway, as I find them probably the thing that's bothering me most when I look at the MOC.

Honestly, I don't care. The Avohkii is still overused. Also, the arms are too broad, and the MOC could use a bit more color other than Trans-Blue slightly on the arms. Maybe add some light blue or even some light red, and redo the chest build to fix the arm problem.


This is pretty cool!

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Thanks! I really was not expecting a single comment without rants, but you definitely proved me wrong there!

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I'm sorry this is what I thought.
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