Bionicle MOC: Crypto, The Void Walker

MOC Video:

EDIT: I’ve been told my images are too dark which is too bad. I did post editing on my monitor and while it’s a pretty good monitor, it evidently does not display the lighting and colors like I thought it did, as the images appear brighter on my monitor than what most of you are claiming on your end, what a way to find out about that! Either way, the images were compressed down but you can take a look at my personal picks from the MOC video on the images from my Instagram, I used the built-in editor to lighten them so you see what I saw when making the photos (and how you were supposed to see them!). Link to brighter images.

Destroyed. Mutilated. Left for dead. Crypto was restored to being something more when the Void chose her to serve as its champion, but why?
As a Void Walker, she is able to manipulate Dark Matter, control and traverse Black Holes safely, and see different dimensions/universes. This is not without flaws however: left unchecked, Void powers drain energy quickly depending on what is used. It hungers and will leech off her energy so keeping the powers to a minimum or only summoning basic things such as projecting Dark Matter, is essential.

I did not create the Chest/Body and Waist design. I’m not sure if these users have accounts here on the boards, but their Instagram usernames are @PurpleBoye_ who helped me with the body, and @Sylvamocs who helped me with the waist. Thanks!


{picks jaw up off floor}

This Is amazing! well done! I just wish i knew how to get multi-piece bodies to look so good!


The moc is great, but the photography itself is what sells me on it, great job.


Amazing MOC, but it’s pretty hard for me to see it in detail because of the black background. Maybe make some more pictures on a white background?

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Photos are so dark, I can’t see anything

The mask is definetly one of the best parts about this MOC. Is it custom printed?


It’s made by a guy named Modalt Maskes, who slices and dice masks to make altered, edited or combo masks. This one is a, Miru, kaukau combo with a scope as far as I can recall.

He has a website,


Thank you, on my monitor, they look perfectly fine and you can make out the details despite “being dark” similar to the old Rakshi commercial lighting if that makes sense.
I unfortunately, had to find out the hard way with similar complaints that it turns out, editing lighting on my monitor is probably not a good idea until the monitor is replaced with something more for graphic artists!

I will be making a new post (no video however) with a white background as soon as I am able to and can rack up motivation to do another shoot with some poses! I do have a white background going on my Instagram post, but this was prior to fixing some minor details like the neck on this post:
Instagram Post (White Background is images 2 through 5 on this post)


The orthogonal shots on the white background are appreciated, though I’m still having trouble seeing much of the detail here. It’s not that they’re too dark for me, but what shots do show everything are too small and can’t be zoomed in as far as I can tell.

Talking in broader strokes from what I can see though, the figure has some excellent design elements. I like the asymmetry and I love the design of the legs. The use of the nuva chest armour is nice but it feels a bit lost without at least one shoulder plate in silver to go with it. The CCBS shells on the front of the lower arms really don’t work for me as they’re so broad and flat, and have a pointed edge facing into the elbow that looks like it would hurt if she bent her arms all the way. The head is also set much too low, giving her a hunched look similar to '08 Gali. The skirt elements look nice but they’re set far too high above the hip joints, making the torso look too long and awkward. I think that she wouldn’t need the extra elbow joint if those issues were corrected, as if you were compensating for dodgy proportions thanks to the borrowed designs in the torso.
The back design is very nice, though again that backpack would work just fine on a shorter torso.


This is amazing, and I love the painted mask.