Bionicle MOC - Dread

SO, here's a MOC I made a little while ago, the concept started when i wanted to make a custom head, except the head looked really dumb and i was almost gonna start over, but then i flipped it upside down and it looked like a spider-Cthulhu type thing... so that's what I made. And thus, Dread was born, hope you all enjoy.


So as far as weapons go, I'd guess he kinda just extends his tentacle thingos like this:

Closeup of the head, feel free to look at it upside down to see what i had originally planned to use.... although it doesn't look the greatest

Closeups of various features that showoff the build a bit more:

Glorious back shot:

So that's Dread everyone, got two more MOCs that i recently finished that I'm gonna upload soon, in the meantime your comments and criticism are always appreciated, and feel free to take a look at any other MOCs I've posted here. Thankyou all.


This looks really good as always.
I really love the colour scheme.


Ay thanks man, It's a colour scheme I've been wanting to try out for ages now

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Great design and looks menacing :+1:
I would say the color scheme is consistent about 97.7% since the brown pins are there
I like it keep up the work!

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Funny thing about that haha, I actually ran out of 3 long grey pins halfway through building this guy, so I'm gonna replace them when I order some more

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I wouldn't be able to sleep if that happened to me :scream:
Also how did you make the head?


It uses a horse skull piece attached to just a small ccbs shell. Then i just wedged 2 green studs into the empty space for eyes and added on some extra coverage around the sides and in the centre


I can kind of see it now
Nice job :slight_smile:

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This looks amazing, the colour scheme and it all seems to flow very well

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The overall appearance gives an unease feel.
Aside from the system pieces likely flying off, the leg doesn't look good from the side, however everyhing else looks fine.

I might do a bit of extra work on the legs, but im not sure what you mean by system pieces flying off, this guy is pretty darn sturdy

holy cow, this is flippen amazing!

and he kind of reminds me of this guy:

except ya know, yours is a robot spider, not an organic alien spider


Thanks man haha, whats that from?

Dang, this looks pretty solid. The colorscheme is great and overall he looks very menacing. Oh yeah and the custom head is awesome as well.

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Amazing colors and designs, this is pretty much perfection. Love the head too.

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I love the color scheme.

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The green and white are sleek.

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Reminds me of the Ninjago ultra dragon simply from color alone, but the style of the MOC is astoundingly sleek and still eerie. Good work!

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There are a lot of elements to this MOCs design that stick out to me which I can't even begin to list. I will say though that the head design is delectably menacing, really complimenting everything else well. The multiple tentacle-clawed arms are also pretty cool.

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That's Trench from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.