Bionicle MOC Eshie

Just my second post nothing too, too special.


I like Eshie’s chest: it really gives it a paladin-like design to me. I do find issue in the lower part of the torso as it seems to pop out a little too far and the triple-jointed arms seem to make them feel really unprotected in the middle. The MOC looks really good, but those two bits really do hurt the model.

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Yeah, I totally agree. I would revamp him, but I don’t him any more. Most of the MOCs I’ll be posting are ones I already have on my DeviantArt account. I don’t mean to be some kind of self advertizing… something… but if you want, you can check all my MOCs here



very nice moc sir

Love it.

ehhhh…I kinda like it.

Maybe it is wearing armor. so to make sure it can move its limbs and swing its sword it makes sure that it can move its elbow.


thank you :smile:

one question though, are the MOCs supposed to be posted to “creative content”. I’m pretty new so I didn’t know


In truth I was going for the ‘wearing armor’ look not ‘part of armor’, but the arms are a little bit gap-y.


yep, all MOC topics are to be posted here

ok, I’ll be sure to post them there from now on. thanks

I like the bulky look but the lower arms look really out of place

Looks like something you could definitely make into something god. I quite like how the chest, head and shoulders flow together. Unfortunately, the rest of him doesn’t flow quite as well, the shins and the forearms seem to sick out a bit and ruin the aesthetic.

Oh, so that’s the problem with the arms.