Bionicle MOC - Evie

Well would you look at that, Jayfa made something new. This is Evie, my first attempt at a female moc in a very very long time. Heavily inspired by Genji from Overwatch. Hope you all like it and don’t end up roasting me too hard :^)

She does have an actual arm to replace the blaster

But when she has it equipped it can make for some cool poses

And thats all for now. I’m very interested to hear what you guys have to say about her, all C&C is encouraged.


not bad not bad, I just feel that the female proportions aren’t all there yet, also the smooth armouring and the greebles kinda throw each other off, although I do really like the torso and head. Great work.

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I feel ya, it’s been really difficult trying to get the proportions right, hence why i brought it here because she hasn’t really gotten all that much criticism on Instagram, and ttv usually helps a lot with fine tuning.

The cannon is really well done. I love the little arms it has.

The hair is also very nice…

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well if u really want the fine tuning, theres always things like the thin neck, could be thicker, too many diff greys, muffle the bright blue, also the greebles, system and exposed ccbs limbs kinda break apart the smoothness of the legs upper chest and head, but I can’t say too much since thats ur style, also, the calfs could be smaller since thighs are usually bigger than calfs, esp in fe-males. Im sure u kinda know ur moc better since u built her, buut yea I can see ur picking up new techniques and are tryna put them all into the moc, now don’t get me wrong, its awesome, but it could be epic. (we still cool right)

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Of course lmao, this is what I need, appreciate all the feedback and I’ll be sure to take it all into account

That arm cannon is spectacular.

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The neck is a bit off-putting to me.

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Fair complaint, it annoys me a bit too

Cool moc
The hair thing looks really nice but the blaster has to be my favorite part of it

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The neck is a little too thin and certain greebles clash with one another, but as a stand alone figure it is well done. The pony tail is a great addition, really adding more of a dynamic feel to certain poses, and the color scheme is- to me at least- well distributed.

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What set did you get the silver torso add on from? Also the moc looks fantastic very creative pony tail design

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  • i need healing
  • gives samus vibes

I just used an eraser on Lewa Master of Jungle’s chestpiece to get rid of the print

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