Bionicle MOC/Fanfiction: The Prophetic Bonetector of Stone

My first non-cannon MOC and story. I would love feedback to improve my MOCing/story skills.

This Protector of Stone was one from ancient times, when there wasn't a constant threat from the Skull Spiders. One day, while trying to find food for his village, he collapsed in the desert from heat exhaustion.

He thought this was the end, but as he laid there he had a vision. He could tell this was no ordinary hallucination, as he felt a deep connection with the very foundation of the Temple of Time. The vision warned him about the Skull Spiders, and of a black and red clad Protector, with a strange mask, fighting Ekimu. As the sunburned Protector awoke, he noticed that he felt strangely full of energy, and not dead, but now it was night time. As he tried to avoid being savagely mauled by the desert hyenas, and get back to the village, he noticed some strange armor.

As he dawned the sun bleached bone armor, a pack of hyenas attacked! The Protector reacted faster than the hyenas could strike, and knocked back the three pouncing predators with one massive swing of his new Great Bone Sword. The rest of the pack backed off, knowing that this meal was not worth the fight.

The bone armor-clad Protector of Stone made his way back the Village of Stone, seeing a wonderful sight. The drought that had plagued the village has ended. After he recovered, he ventured out to find Ekimu in the city.

Some time passes, and the Bonetector of Stone finds the mask maker. He warns Ekimu of the impending arachnid assault, but does not tell Ekimu of the battle with the masked figure. After giving it some time, Ekimu decides to make a new weapon for the Protectors. Years later, the Bonetector returns to the city. Ekimu has finished his project, six new Elemental Blasters, one for each Protector. The Protector is ecstatic to have a new weapon as his Great Bone Sword makes every enemy no challenge.

Decades later, the same design is being used by the very same Protectors that the Bonetector prophesied in the middle of the desert.
Le Fin

Hope you enjoyed this, please tell me what you liked/disliked. I'm always open to criticism.
p.s. I would love to see a desert hyena MOC smile
p.p.s. If Lego isn't going to build Okoto for us, we have to build it ourselves.


oddly this reminds me of the anime Bleach, and other series featuring characters with bone armor

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Funny, my main inspiration was the Monster Hunter series.

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Excellent use of kopaka's sword! I also love the story.

You have Corex's stamp approval!


Thanks man, and if you want to see another great use of Kopaka's sword, you should check out my Toa Kaita Wairuha MOC. #humblebrag

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