Bionicle Moc: Fire Guy (he's dead)

Basically this guy was a test for me in making more custom builds. I made a torso, shoulders, and bottom legs from scratch and then added standard CCBS parts to connect them all together. I also don’t have a name for this guy yet, so if you have any suggestions leave a comment on names.


The legs seem a little short for how long the body is…
It looks pretty good when he’s just standing straight, arms at the sides, feet side by side, but for instance in your last picture, he looks quite disproportionate.

As for a name, wulffe and such things seem to fit him.

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2 things:
1; He shall be named: Rajekwa (Rag-EE-Kwa)
2; I have a verdict to give.

Color Scheme o’ Goodness. +10
You tried custom. +5

Blue pins. -3 for each. or -12
Bare back. -10

That first pose with the leg up… interesting way to introduce him. +/- 0

Side Note:
This MOC, like only one other, has avoided most of my criteria. Sooo… yay?

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I second this name!

This MOC is pretty cool, dark red on back looks a bit out of place though

He kinda looks like he needs longer legs…and his lower arms need work too…All in all good MOC!

It is indeed a fire guy. Interesting frame, the torso is pretty nice, but I’m not a fan of using system sockets in a BIONICLE build, and the shins are just meh. Could also have some clearing up of his color scheme, taking out the dark red back armor and trying to do something more consistent with the black armor.

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Fire Gui original character donut steel

(Also what the heck is up with everybody posting WIP topics? Unless you need critique on it, just post the thing when its done.)


For everyone who decides to stumble upon this topic, this guy if officially destroyed and I invested the parts into fixing/upgrading other mocs.


Does this mean that this topic is no longer needed, and should be closed?

“Fire guy”

Best. Name. Ever.

My. Phone. Has. Asthma.