Bionicle MOC: Ghosty - Ghosty's selfMOC

Hey @Spooky_scary_Ghosty, I got your selfMOC. I would have posted a lot sooner, but the photo’s where taken by my amazen raisin sister… and by “taken” I mean “stolen”. You have no idea how hard it was to get that camera back…

anyway here it is

hope you like it :smile:


That torso design is fantastic!

Ghosty looks so Epic. Nerce Jeeb! :smile:

Dat trenchcoat.
Gohsty is a proud ghosty.

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That looks good, I really like the spear.

Thanks! :smile: :smile:

someone guessed what it is! My life is complete :V

no /s :stuck_out_tongue:

Bad@$$ Trenchcoats! tubes!
I love it,thank you so much. c:

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np, everyone loves trenchcoats :smile: :smile:

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nice take on him, looks nice


This really cool. Love that cape pice with the skirt armour. And that spear’s ■■■■■■!

Nice! he looks pretty okay, but I would not know that he is ghosty if he had a different mask, and even then you would have to tell me.

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ya, it didn’t really turn out as I expected…

dont get me wrong, it is not a bad MOC, just does not scream ghosty.

Seriously, I like this moc. Colors are fine, proportions are fine, weapon is lackluster, and the mask is okay.
Can’t put a rating on someone elses self moc, but good job.

It does look like him! Noice!