Bionicle MOC: Kaku; Future Toa of Sonics

With the recent release of the 2015 BIONICLE sets, I have reimbursed myself into the Bionicle fandom, doing so has inspired me to dig my lego-filled bin-bags from the attic, and start creating MOCs again. Without further ado, I present to you, the TTV community, my first Bionicle MOC in (roughly) four years, Kaku, Toa of Sonics, shown here with his SuperSonic-Rifle, and his Kikoerumaru.

Kaku travelled from thousands of years in the future, after the reformation of Spherus Magna, to the once-prospering island of Metru-Nui, to search for a “legendary mask that Turaga Kopaka told me about - it’s highly probable that the thing doesn’t even exist” that will help him defeat “An evil creature more powerful than six Makuta Teridax’s combined”, that threatens his home-city of KoKa-Magnus.

Pictured here holding his SuperSonic-Rifle.

The Rifle stood on it’s tripod-stand.

A close-up of the Kikoerumaru. (Usually referred to by Kaku as his “Sonic-Rapier”

Up until this point, the only MOCs I’d really ever made were just using the regular Inika build, but, now that I am 4 years older, and 4 years smarter, I decided to Move Along (geddit? geddit?) and start -trying- to make some of the much larger builds that I looked in awe at as a child (YouTubers such as ShadowGear6335 come to mind - there are others, but that name’s stood predominant in my head for all these years).

I thought I would turn to the internet to both show off, and ask for any advice for either improving Kaku (Who I decided a while back was going to become my self-MOC, because I saw that people had those), and for creating others. This of course means that I welcome all criticisms (and complemements, if you have any of those) with open arms!

EDIT: Minor Updates:

Removed Jetpack

Slight changes to the SuperSonic Rifle

Leg pipes now (somewhat) symmetrical

‘Crystal’ (Toa Stone possibly?) now located in centre of chest.



  • The body has a cool build
  • The legs have an interesting build to them
  • The Color Scheme is consistent and spread out well
  • The weapons are unique and cool(Especially The Tripod of Death)
  • The pipes on the legs look strange and breaks the Symmetrical appearance
  • The armor on the front of the legs sticks out a bit too much
  • The back jetpack sticks out a bit too far out
  • The neck is a bit too long.

I would give this MOC an 8/10.
I really like this MOC. Besides a few nitpicks here and there, it is a solid model.

Great Job! :smiley:

Thanks for your kind words!

I definately agree with you on the jetpack-front, and have just removed it from his back (I wasn’t sure about putting it there in the first place)!

I understand your points regarding the Pipes and frontal leg armour, but without them, I feel that his lower body looks too plain, and will not be beneficial to his colour scheme. I may begin engineering a way to push the Visorak legs further into his lower-leg shortly.

I too, feel that the neck is too long, but all of the other ways I was able to attach his head hindered movement of that limb severely (even now it isn’t the best in the world), or made his head appear too sunken into his torso.


love the weapons

Nice MOC btw.

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It’s been four years! : P Cut me some slack?

I’ve forgotten half of the plot, I only remember the basics. (No need to worry, I’ve downloaded the books, comics, & online animations/games, and will have two internet-less weeks to read/watch them in!)

Also, thanks for the compliment!

@JMP Thanks!

I was at my desk for close to an hour trying to get the pattern on the sword just right!
I’m glad it payed off!


Assuming you mean biceps instead of thighs (it’s an honest mistake - I make many similar ones frequently) that’s quite a good idea, if I can dig some CCBS limbs out of my pile(s). I might try it later.

The flipping of the Visorak spikes was an excellent idea, and I’m ashamed in myself that I didn’t come up with the idea myself.

As for now I removed the tubing, and I’ve been doing a lost of work on the sword to make it look more sword-ish. (I resulted in removing the technic stoppers - or whatever they’re called) all together.

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I like it! The gun is well done! The torso cool too! And welcome to the boards! We have :cookie:s.

I bloody love me some cookies.
:cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

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Nice job, especially for someone who hasn’t MOC in around 4 years.

I see this and I think toa of ice.

looking at the legs, those visorak spikes need to be flipped.

I don’t mind the hoses themselves, but they need to be placed better.

I would recommend swapping the inika thighs with ccbs shells on the legs to make the ones on the shoulders stand out less, an important part of moccing is matching textures.

I like the rifle(even if I personally dislike using more realistic weapons on in universe mocs) but the rapier looks like a broomstick.

normally this would get maybe a 6/10, but since you haven’t mocced in years, it gets a 7.5.
I think once you get some practice you’ll make some great mocs.