Bionicle MOC: Kanikoya

Anime-ish cybergirl thing.

she also has a tiny robot dude called Jūndāo

more pictures:


Your mocs just keep getting better and better

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@helryx Thank you!

@StudentScissorsLeaker i pronouce it ''JUN-DA-O'' but really i don't know xD

@Kiixaar thanks!

@JMP what do you know about troy
[She's been dead for a while]

@Creep thanks!

(It was Tentro c:)


Coolio. I like the little robot guy's head but:

How is this pronounced?
Is it maybe juh-en-deo?

They're both great, even if it is hard to tell that she's a female at first glance.

great mocs, absolutely spectacular

also WHEN'S TROY?!

Well, leg-problems are fixed

Preety nicely done mocs this time around, not that if previous one sukd or sth, but yeah, legs not flat! (Also what mixel you bought to get eyes?)

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I'm pretty sure because of the accent marks it would be called joon-day-oh