Bionicle MOC: Keysa

more pictures here:


Super cool looking! Love that head design

Namaste? Is that you?


to be fair Namaste has more light grey

Four arms
Lewa head helmet

Still doesnt look like Namaste.

To me it does, at least. The colors don't really matter if the head and function is the same XP

... gold and black four armed moc with a skirt thing? I like.


@toxicmocs thanks!

It's Namaste and Altrah put through a blender.


the hell is Altrah

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MOC by Ventum Mittens.


OOoh yeah this MOC

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Nailed it.


In all seriousness though, I can't help but agree with everyone. This
looks WAY too much like Namaste. The head choice, four arms, and color
scheme are way too obvious to be coincidental. Furthermore, the fact you
need a rubber band to hold the chest on, it kind of means the MOC is
prone to being fragile. Honestly, I would like it a bit more if you
would of done something more original, but eh, beggars cannot be
choosers. That's just my two cents


I hate when masks are used like this. Otherwise it looks decent.


Now I want to jump on the inverted head bandwagon stuck_out_tongue

Cool MOC, but it seems that lately, a lot of MOCists have been doing the same thing. Flipping a new mask and giving the MOC gold and black or white. As cool as it is, the style is becoming overused. I'm not saying stop using this style as inspiration, but make your own unique version of it.


Please don't. In my opinion, it NEVER looks good

That head is just cool. imo it could be improved by taking out that band of his chest and putting a little more detail on his arms. Appart from that, he is really, really cool

I've seen it done well before.