Bionicle MOC: Kilgus toa of plantlife

i was messing around with those limb part last night and ended up making this.

more pictures:


Nice! A bit dark for me (quite unusual for the Toa of plantlife), but the build is cool, NPU with vahki limbs, of course.
I’d like to see less black and some bright color accents.

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Reminds me a lot of my old Fatorak self-MOC, specially with the green and brown separated like that and the brown kakama.

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thanks! maybe i’ll do a more colorfull version someday c:

@Chronicler Link please?

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Here he is:

Looks awesome, and I like the way you made 2 completely “unmixable” colours look natural! His forearms look weird though.

thanks! on certain angles his forearms can look good,but i agree :L

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