BIONICLE MoC: 'Little Tim'

"In the wastes of Ze Nui, the southernmost island of the Matoran Universe, there exists a rare breed of sentient Rahi known as the Exiles. As an Exile, Timorik, or 'Little Tim', is feared throughout Ze-Koro as a bloodthirsty demon, though in reality, his heart is as pure as untouched Protodermis. He secretly attempts to protect the village from everything that threatens the existence of Ze-Koro and it's inhabitants."

The whole story behind this MoC involves my recent going to Legoland, where I made something half-decent at the Hero Factory attraction. I loved him so much, I decided to recreate him using pieces from Queen Beast, Gali 2015, and the PoW.


Front shot.

@Nyran shot.

Front shot with his Tusk Staff.

Tusk Staff.

Height comparison with Kualus 2015.

Mug shot.

Send all of your complaints and nitpicks to the Complaint Box, but remember, I never check it.


Love his bestial aesthetic. Good balance between armor plates and organic spikes/skin.

No complaints wink

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I really can't find anything wrong with him. Great job!

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"I go by many names, but you can call me..... Tim."~Tim, Monty Python and the Holy Grail


I really like the tusks! Cool MOC ok_hand

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I really like this guy!

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Good MOC nonetheless.


"Little Tim"

I dunno, he looks more like a Funky Boy to me.

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I really like the bestial appearance of the MOC, but those ankles need covering.

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It was the first thing that came up in my mind.


Simple, but it works. I quite enjoy it, actually. My biggest complain is actually the name, which I despise normal human names on BIONICLE MOCs of any sort. It just....doesn't work for me.

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Remember his actual name is Timorik. Little Tim is simply a monicker given to him by the Matoran of Ze-Koro.

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