Bionicle MOC: Magmar the Abomination

Basically I wanted to see what happens when I jumbled a bunch of pieces I found into a big abomination, and there he is.

Basically his story goes like this: Magmar was the leader of the volcano tribe on a remote island until is death following the invasion from the forest tribe. His remains was taken by the metal tribe and he was implanted into a much larger robotic form made up of the remains of other dead warriors from various tribes: Hence giving him the name Abomination.

I included a reference picture with my other MOC, just to compare him in size

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I don't know whether to give honest criticism or give you props for just putting this thing together....


a mismatched monstrosity

Hm... Got mixed feelings. I'll comment soon


That's the exact words I feel for it too, a monstrosity.

The Abomination part really suits him.

.... wanna fight?

I'm sure this guy can take me 1v1


if that's what you were going for, then its kewl...

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nah it's ok, I'll leave it to this guy to 1v1 you:


But seriously I do agree with everybody that you should work on the colour scheme

The description explains why the color scheme is so messed up.

BTW, I worked from story then to figure, so I purposely made him this messed up.

@MikeEmeraldBlade @StudentScissorsLeaker

U sure? I guess you'd only be as tall as my self-moc's Leg/Thigh, and I got plenty o weapons. Just check my self moc topic.

Back on topic, do you think you could unify the colors some time later, or will you keep him multicolored?

I might, if I find the right pieces, or I might just take him apart to at least make 5 decent mocs

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I still feel the colors could be further worked on by doing something like making an upper arm blue with fins or giving him one robotic looking hand that's all silver.


I might just snap a few more pictures for the records and then scrap him. I could really use those red parts in him for something better

Well my selfmoc does have super strength and a "Light saber" So yeah...

If you want to see a somewhat better moc I just found in my attic

And to top it all off, you glow in the dark! stuck_out_tongue

On-topic, after seeing what a compliment to this MOC would be, this MOC is a heaping pile of scrap-metal! stuck_out_tongue

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well, since there is a bit of a brawl going in this topic, I might make a versus moc topic (if somebody hasn't done this, I call it, so no one shall steal it. all rights reserved.)

Normally I'd say he needs Jesus, bet the whole abomination thing looks really good. Great job! smile

1 Like lives up to his title.