Bionicle MOC: Makitsachin

Because ghost in the shell tanks= Awesome
i'm gonna think of a way to get this thing involved in one of my stories later.

more pictures:

made a pilot


I really like those guns on top!

@StudentScissorsLeaker Thanks!

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Yes, another Tachikoma inspired MOC.

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now if only it had minifigs to accompany it

@Lewch Oh my god.

@JMP I'm gonna try to make one,but i'm warning you,i suck at making minifigs

Late for Marchikoma. :P

Yeah. i should've thought about building that a month ago X(

Cool moc

Also, pilot looks like Ghaak Trooper (or whatever was name, I forgot :c)

@Creep Thanks!

Oh my god he does

looks nice
nothing really bad I can say about it.
Good job.

@Pot8o Thanks! c:

I actually really like this

@Calvatron Thanks!

How do you make so many good MOCs so fast? Tell me your secret, O wise sensei!
This MOC also has good system integration, like your others.
THAT PILOT HEAD IS AWESOME!!! Such a simple concept, why didn't I think of that! It looks so amazing!
And @Ghosty, maybe you should make a "Ghosty's MOC Topic" topic to post all of them on, that way there aren't like 10 topics with your MOCs per week


er... he breaks down previous mocs for pieces and re-uses said parts to make new mocs. I just don't get why he always has to do that


@Paradox I would do that but if i keep uploading that many MOCs i don't want to just keep editing the same topic all the time,people won't even notice it.

BTW thanks!

@RaptorTalon19 thanks c:

@JMP I thought everyone did that :s

Looks nice, heavily armed all around, though I feel it needs some frontal armor

most people keep and/or still have old mocs or just upgrade em. Quality over quantity bruh : P