BIONICLE MOC: Makuta Iinararax

This is my concept of an ancient and wise Makuta that has slowly deteriorated over time. He wields swords for hands and wears the Kanohi Eehli’ikee , a mask that allows him to destroy any living matter at his command.

Front shot,well armored and messy.Planned

Right side,many tubes and articulation in it.

Left side,semi symmetrical to opposed side.

Back, rather complex,doncha’ think?

Top,good view of head,which is simple.

That’s all.I hope that you all enjoy it and I have a chance of getting the moc spotlight!
(In my dreams :frowning:)

Oops! This is the left side

Edited for double post-Indi


Looks good, though not really like a makuta. I still like it.


Pretty good, I could kinda see this as a Great Being’s proof of concept or prototype for a Makuta.

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