Bionicle MOC: Mata Nui

Now before everybody starts the comment, listen up, there is a simple reason for his mask to be a golden Hau and not the Ignika, as we all know Mata Nui's symbol is the Kanohi Hau there for when Mata Nui as rebuilding his body his memory kicked in about the Hau and technically merged the Mask of Life with a Hau, imagine the Hau ith the Ignika standing figure engraved into it or similar. Same goes for his torso, by default the mask wanted to recreate the giant robot form's figure but for lack of proper materials to work with Mata Nui's frame became more of a mixture of Glatorian, Toa and his robot form. I have no idea how long has this been lying around half built until the spark came a few days ago, plus I had to wait for the cape to arrive via mail which was today, with the cape I wanted to give him a more of an outcast/nomad sort of look, I would have made a custom cape/shroud but I lack the proper materials sadly. hen building I tried to save some of the older designs of the limbs as much as possible but also giving it an updated look. The shield is the same as before you can find that one's built on YouTube made by IBurion if I recall. The sword is my build, took me some time to figure out proper build for the sword.


Great MOC, I can definitely see what kind of aesthetic you're aiming for here.
However, I have to point out that the whole thing looks slightly odd, almost awkward.
I'd recommend bulking up the legs, and making his torso less chunky. Also, as Eljay would put it, too many blue pins. On some mocs they aren't very noticeable, but they contrast so sharply with the yellow colour scheme that it's pretty jarring.
Overall, the build of the MOC is pretty novel and the concept you were visualizing is executed quite well. Keep it up!

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Sadly I can't really do much about the blue pins since 90% of my longer pins are all blue as the black ones got more expensive on BrickLink or some stores have very little to even consider buying.

Ah man, that sucks.
Have you considered spray-painting them? I know it's not exactly everyone's cup of tea, nor is it mine, but that would help.

Nice! but the torso is a little long

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