Bionicle MOC: Mizrik and Vorik, Masters of Time and Ultimate Power

Pretty much, these 2 are from a universe that merges gen 1 and 2 of Bionicle. They were Toa that were destined to be the wielders of the masks of time and ultimate power, but, lost the privilege to wear the masks after breaking the Toa code when they killed the Turaga of their island. And now, they've basically become wandering heroes, journeying to try and restore their honor.


Not bad mate! Mind I f I give you some creative criticism?


Not at all! I appreciate creative criticism.

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They murder elders and yet you still call them heroes?

Honestly, they're pretty substandard MOCs. There is absolutely no flow in armor; looks like a jumbled up mess. Skinny limbs and bulky/wide body don't work. The colour scheme is fine though.

You have potential as a MOCist, but you need to work on consistency and proportions. Look at other people's MOCs for inspiration.


Alright then! For the legs on both of them, try and stay away from really skinny bits, unless the whole MOC is really skinny. On that point, try not to put huge knee/elbow pads if you have really small legs, beacuse it makes it look even more skinny. I like the body on the red one (Mizrik or Vorik.) but again try to stay away from really skinny necks, unless the MOC is skinny. Other than that I think these are beauts! Keep MOCing and you will most definitely be darn good at it!


Don't you mean constructive criticism?

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maybe the elders were evil?

Question: was Vorik named after Voriki?

Anyway, the red one has an odd red piece on his chest, and the blue one has odd legs, but other than that, they're fine.


That neck!

No. I generally mean what I say. I'll let you know when I don't.

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