Bionicle MOC - Mosquito Unit - Plague Mech: Delta

Ayyyy its me again. Big ugly moc incoming reeeee :^) this is the Mosquito unit, I’m honestly not too happy with how it is right now but i wanted to take a break from working on it because making it look consistent has been a nightmare. So enjoy it for what it is now

The Mosquito unit

Me me big boy

Closeups and whatnot

I love this dinosaur head thing

Yeee so thats this monstrosity as of now. It’s my biggest moc yet and has taught me that i suck at making things this big, but hey, i can only get better from here right? Thankyou all and goodnight


Seeing something like this I have to ask: how well can the shoulder joints move? Just in 1 direction or more?

It looks amazing. I just think the head would stand out more if you replace the trans-orange with a more contrasting colour. It currently just looks like a slightly differently coloured appendage.

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They actually have quite a lot of room to move, the only real issue is them holding themselves up, the arms are extremely heavy.

I see. I asked because I wondered whether you sacrificed movement for stability. If you haven’t considered it, maybe you could try it.

Now that I take another look at the lower right arm, it does seem to be drooping.

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Just a lil yeah lmao. I plan on redoing a lot of the moc, especially the wapon arm, it looks godawful as of now

I really like the feet for some reason.

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Very interesting and I like the robotic feel its got

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Not really big on how tubular those upper arms are. The legs and lower arms have a bit more going on with their shaping, tying in cohesively with the MOC, whereas the upper arms just feel so bland and contrasting.

Still, the rest of the MOC is well constructed for what it is now, particularly the head design.

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Looks really cool imo. Love the use of the knights kingdom sword

I would ask to use the hand design, but unless that picture was stolen i already asked about it in maskposting

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Oh that was you hahah, yeah no that was me who posted it there

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I’m not feeling the legs. They don’t feel like they fit in all the way.

Thats more like a personal gripe tbh

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I’m also not 100% sold on them, what do you mean by fit in all the way though?

The arms are slender while the legs seem too bulky to fit with the asthethic

Might just be me.

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I think he looks awesome. And he looks like a Robot Mosquito. But I would like to see his back Mostly to see if there’s more then one attachment for the legs

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This is awesome! The plague mechs are some of my favorite mocs on the boards.

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There is a secondary attachment yes, 2 ccbs bones each side connected via the inner thigh

You have outdone yourself, this is incredible! The amount of coverage and texture is just :ok_hand:.

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big boi mosquito

Very nice!

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I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen the mososaur head piece used in a MOC, and man is it used fabulously. It also uses Vladek’s sword, another part oddly uncommon in MOCs. The hand is also truly inspiring.

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Glad someone recognised the piece, i was very happy with how it fit :blush: