Bionicle MOC: Naka

So uh, hello! err…
I’m Darkonius Mavakar and i’m your average MOCer, i also make games, too, when i feel bored (currently working on a fangame with the SMBX engine 2.0)

so uhm, i wanted to show you a female moc i recently rebuilt from scratch:

nothing too amazing, but i’d like to hear your opinion!
(and yeah, i do watch the TTV channel youtube thingy)


looks pretty good. nothing really out there, but still very good.

######although the shoulders give off a bit of a masculine appearance


sounds weird but that’s kinda what i was aiming for?
like, she’s a woman but that doesn’t mean she can’t be buff or somethin’


yea, I get what your going for, but being 'buff" doesn’t increase shoulders width. also, the build is fairly thin in most other places. This leads to the appearance of a thinner male MOC.

The places you should be thickening up the most is the calf, thigh (don’t make the thighs too wide tho) and mid-torso. the arms are a little bigger, but it’s more the same width all the way down, rather than just the shoulders.

here’s some reference photos (I couldn’t find any with leg shots that I could post with out getting banned)


ah i see…
thanks for the feedback!

no prob :slight_smile:

######I was a little afraid that I came off condescending

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Pretty good.
Except for the Rahkshi head, I don like those, but that’s not an objective thing.

Well, the body seems fairly female, not so sure about the head.

It’s really good, but the head doesn’t fit. I’m also no fan of the weapon.

you might want to use a different head , it may look a bit better
overall i do think that this is an awesome moc ! and the weapon is pretty cool

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this may sound really weird but that’s literally the only white head/mask i have lol
and i’m not in conditions for buyng pieces off bricklink lol.

If you have tecnic parts then you could try and build a costume head with the racshi(hope i spelled it right) head as a base.


yeah, the problem is, rahkshi heads are overused on female mocs, so seeing them over and over again gets real stale real quick. Other than that, nice job!

It’s cool to see a fellow MOCer who is also in the SMBX community.
Am I the only one here who knows what that even is?
Good MOC, too!

it looks great, the back looks meh tho