Bionicle MOC: Novan, Toa of Fire

Just so I can get something up before my self-MOC, here's one of my more recent MOCs:

Backstory and more Info: Novan on MOCPages

As always,
Comment and Enjoy!


Looks pretty dank man.
Though the arms look kinda strange on the inside, because of the HF shells.
You did pull off the Red/Black split pretty well tho.
Nice sword build too.

I r8 "Skull Spider Claws / 10"

Quick review:

  • Very nice, bulky look
  • Not a fan of the painted foot on the black side, looks unpolished
  • Blue pins everywhere
  • Mixing reds
  • Grey slizer feet on the red leg, when they should probably be red or light grey
  • Red side's shoulder looks bare and unfinished
  • White fingers when there's no white elsewhere
  • Non-inverted tires which throw off the textures
  • Too many textures.
  • Nicely built design w/o gaps and noticeable breaks in streamlined look.

Overall, I give this a 5/10. Not really a fan of it, but it's at least built really well, and looks nice from most angles without noticeable holes and gaps.

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Wow I really like this guy.

The Tahu mask looks good on him
The corrupted side looks epic
luv da sword smile

the inside of the upper red arm is really gappy
from most angles the feet look ... off
needs a little more purple or none

8/10 needs a tiny bit of work

epic MOC m8

The aysymmetry works well here and transitions nicely. I especially like how bulky and filled in he is, though the way that CCBS shell on the upper part of his black leg sticks out looks kinda odd.

I really like this MOC! The half red half black thing really works for me. However, the dark and Mata red together and the small bit of purple is a bit offsetting.

Decent black red mixture.
Everything else is okay.

This looks pretty fantastic! I'm never a fan of the half-shadowy aesthetic, I would also suggest a different mask, but other than that, the build is great! smile

This MOC is great and the backstory is pretty cool as well

I like the mixture of colors, the black/red looks good

Thanks for the critique, and by the way I've seen you on YouTube, you make some cool videos! :smile: Thanks again!

I agree, and thanks for the critique! I'm not sure how I'm going to fix it, but I will look into it. Thanks again!

And thanks all!

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That sword just makes me inwardly sigh with content

Whoa, dude, you never said you were on the Message boards! Did you?

There is something I really like about half/half mocs, and about mocs that are well built and just look cool, well done.

I am now!

This guy looks pretty great! Normally I don't like mixing red and dark red, but I think it works well here, so good job! I feel like the purple stud piece on the chest is out of place, and it would be nice if that armor on the back of his left thigh was dark red, but I understand that piece does not come in that color. Nice job! Keep it up!

Can't take the credit for it, it was designed by a user on MOCPages under the user "Lew ~". He's a fairly decent MOCer himself.

I love these 2 sides kind of mocs