Bionicle MOC: Orion Royalty (My Main Villain)

In the distant future of Earth a Civil War was fought between Humanity and a race of Androids. After the war had ended and Humanity made peace with the Androids, the worlds government was torn apart and ripe for ceasing. Enter “Orion Royalty” (Orion being his name and Royalty being a title) a mysterious and super powerful psychic who took control of the world and now rules it with an iron fist.

Name: Orion Royalty

Species: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Powers: Psychic Abilities (Psychic Blasts, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Mind Control)

Location: Earth

Affiliation: Royal Imperial Alliance (Leader)

as for inspiration he’s roughly based on 2015 Makuta, Sigma from Megaman X and Thanos from MARVEL


I especially like the torso, but the head looks a tad awkward, I don’t know if it’s the positioning or what. But I do as a whole enjoy the moc, but I’m not entirely sold. I’ll give it a 7/10, the designs are great but my criticism still stands. Good work. :slight_smile:

Oooh, interesting. Nice golden mask of Skull Spiders and reverse Mask of Control combo. Great build. Pretty nice ponytail.

I remember seeing this MOC on YouTube some time ago, and I thought it was great.

And that’s still my thoughts, this MOC looks amazing, and menacing.

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loooooveee this moc

Quite a nice use of the Inika frame!

Very nice. Your creative use of masks throughout the figure is very cool. The torso is great from the front, but the back reveals the Inika frame, and I feel the pistons on that piece clash with the relative smoothness of the rest of the armor. Also, for some reason the light-up Inika weapon looks out of place here.

But hey, great MOC, and nice use of the Gungan shield on the head.

looks cool, I really like the…ponytail hair thing that’s probably not actually hair.

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He would have been a great makuta contest entry. Good job

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This looks great.
The build is fantastic and the colours are also pretty good although I think there’s a bit too much gold, I get why it’s there though.

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I love the head.

it is hair lol

That head is a work of art. Also really like the use of the Piraka Torso in the build. See very few of the bulkier g1 pieces in builds nowadays.

I though it said onion royalty.