Bionicle MOC - Pazuzu: The Gatekeeper

So i was trying out some new techniques in regard to head design last night and ended up making this guy. He’s a gargoyle, demon thing with a big toothy mouth. Hes a fairly simple build, but I had fun with him. He also uses the wing design from the green nrg dragon, one that I’ve been dying to use on a moc for ages because it looks so freakin good.



He has a cool little fire tongue that i guess he… licks people with?

Here’s what the wings look like fully splayed out

He looks kinda weird on two legs, but he can stand

I wish this shot didn’t turn out so blurry, he looks so cute

So yeah, thats Pazuzu, name again is courtesy of my friend CJ, he’s proven to be very helpful :^)


that head looks…

also it reminds me of something Aku would shape ■■■■■ into.


I have no idea who Aku is, but yes it certainly is porridge/10 on the thicc scale

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oh gosh no not porridge…

I actualy like porridge but you are right.

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Prettu guud.
Also I’m just curious, what does your setup for taking pictures look like? (background, lighting, etc) I’ve been trying to make my pictures look better myself.

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@ELE109 I legit just lay down a sheet of cardboard on my desk, the lighting is all natural. (I do quite a bit of photo editing after the pictures are taken however)

Kinda breaks the illusion huh?


I love the creepy/menacing look this MOC has, it reminds me of some kind of demon. I assume that’s what this MOC is now that I think about it
My only nitpick would be the color of the eyes, since I don’t think trans-yellow-green looks good with trans-reddish-orange.
Regardless, this still looks great.

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I agree lmao, i wanted them to be trans yellow actually but i didnt have any left in that colour and this was the closest i could find

I love it!
The best parts are the head and the wings imo

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Very spooooop. How did you make the tongue?

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Turns out the older style flame pieces have micro pins in the sides of them which can be clipped into other flame pieces. The more you know :ok_hand:


Aku’s new friend. Nice Moc. Colors are kewl and build is nice


The shaping and look of the head is wonderfully menacing and demented all at once. It ties in nicely with the overall angular look of him and adds a lot of character.

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how do you connect normal fire into long fire?

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If you scroll up a little bit I explained how :slight_smile:

I see that you add trans clip into the mouth but how do you combine these BrickLink - Buy and sell LEGO Parts, Sets and Minifigures

like this @Linuttkh

Oh okay,Thanks!

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How though?.. Seriously, how?

Anyway, this looks amazing. I love the head.


I know who he is now haha, did some research, but yeah, never watched samurai jack before. Thanks btw :slight_smile:

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