UPDATE 12/05: New poster of Toa Theon and Toa Rilana.

Posters of several Toas/Villains/Titans that will be present in my story(SPOILER).

So I tried to make a Bionicle Poster like the old ones of the first Bionicle generation. I used partially Metru Nui Legacy’s tutorials for effects like eyes glowing. But I used Paint.NET instead of Photoshop. Also, the quality seems to be pretty bad, but since I my smartphone is the only thing I have with a decent quality, it was worth the try.

Toa Lira(Test)


Toa Kotan

Theon and Rilana

Toa Mahri

There are already many bad things I have to change for my next poster like brightness and contrasts. Otherwise, it is my first time, so it will never be as good as my later ones(I hope).


This looks really cool!
Good job!

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looks pretty nice

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For a first time this is incredibly well made. Much better than what I can do.

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Not bad, really, for

I’d suggest getting GIMP, it’s free and pretty much Photoshop, then you can follow MNL’s techniques more closely, albeit differently named tools and such.

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Someone doesn’t understand the true holy-ness of


I tried to use it once, but wasn’t convinced. I’ll try out new effects with plugins since they are very useful. Learning how to use another program is taking too much time.

I really like that first one. Good job! :smile:

I’d totally recommend getting Photoshop, though, it’s really useful.

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It’s really not that hard, you only really need to learn 3 or 4 tools. If you’ve already watched the MNL tutorials, you’re halfway there, you just need to see which Photoshop tools correspond with which GIMP tools, and they are practically identical.

I mean, you can do whatever, I won’t judge, for what you’re using this works fine, but I’m just saying to keep it as an option! :smile:

I really like the Vahki one. it looks so menacing.

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Lazyness would be the biggest problem :wink: I also used GIMP before switching to Paint.NET(that’s now some years ago), because I liked the simplicity of Paint.NET. And then you got Microsoft Paint…

UPDATE(old): Added now the Toa Kotan
UPDATE(12/05): Added Theon and Rilana
UPDATE(20/05): Added the Toa Mahri