Bionicle moc review:quake

Quake is my moc. Please give MOCing tips.
Sorry about the quality. :frowning:

After the toa defeats the skull villains, they must defeat the guardian of another island, called Orian.


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I’ve always wanted to say that!

Anywho, the MOC is decent from what I can see. I’d suggest uploading more pictures.




inb4 this topic gets brutally rekt by mods even though he just has problems uploading the pics.

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I really like the hands, and the color scheme is nice. The head, though, being silver, detracts from the color scheme. And I, personally, never liked that head piece, but that’s just me.


this your first moc?

My one thing

take photos on a flat surface where you have better ways of showing him off


Photo-tips time.

  1. What Whaddon said. Put him on a table, then take pictures.
  2. Use plenty of lighting. Most people will say that natural lighting is best, but if you can’t do that, using several lamps can work instead.
  3. Taking pictures in an area with a plain background can greatly improve how easy it is to actually see the MOC. I for instance, take my pictures on a white table, with a piece of white canvas board set up behind the moc.
  4. Stabilize the camera if you can. This can be done by simply setting your camera on top of a table or stack of books. If you are using a phone camera, then my only advice is to set it on something, and hold it as steadily as you can when taking the pictures.

I give you these tips because with the pictures provided, it is difficult to actually get a good look at it, making it near-impossible to accurately judge the creation.

From what I can see though, it appears as if it has a consistent color scheme, with only the silver head piece standing out. The arms seem to be a little strange, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe I see open balljoints, something which is almost always a con.

Again though, It is hard to judge a creation when you can barely see it, so just remember the basics of photography the next time you take pictures: Lighting, Background, and Stability.