Bionicle MOC. Δrtheona the Inquisitor


-Yazelle Artheona is an Eshian female belonging to the secret division of heretic hunters on the same planet. Positioned in one of the highest council positions, he was selected to find and bring back Nhecron to judge him and condemn him for terrorist acts on his planet.
His elite team obtained the whereabouts of Nhecron but were brutally reduced by his guards. All of Arthona’s companions were publicly shot, and she was held in a cell after being appalled. However, these events did not cause pain to Artheona, but made a certain interest in Nhecron and his ruthless behavior emerge in it. After several days without food, Artheona could barely think clearly, and with each periodic visit of Nhecron to question her, she felt more attraction towards him and trying to seduce him evaded the questions. Still not quite sure, Nhecron allowed to share bed with her several occasions. Currently, Artheona remains in detention for the personal enjoyment of Nhecron.

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all ways liked this moc.
er by the way you might want to change the tag from bionicle to lego creations.

ttv rules and all.


Oh, thank you for letting me know, I still don’t know exactly how this community works

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This MOC’s up there with Shadowgear’s and Alieraah’s. The shaping looks incredible, especially with the head.

I thank you, but I don’t like to be compared to another person, each one has their own style of building.


I wasn’t trying to compare you, sorry if it sounded like that. I was trying to say that this MOC is as good as MOCs made by other high-bar MOCists.

Wow. You actually made the nuva but work. Anyways nice moc. It’s got some really impressive shapes and curves.

As with all your other MOCs, she is pure awesomeness!

I’ve also wondered, how long do you spend on each MOC, because you seem to post at least one every month onto YouTube?

'Cause every one of your MOCs just look so good! The custom limbs, the perfect proportions, and just the right amount of greebleing; it just blends together so well!

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Thank you so much!
Each one has their different time of building, maybe several days, a week, a month, three months or more. fortunately this year I was able to buy a bigger amount of pieces than other years and looks like I had more time and inspiration. So for now, I could at least a video per month.
There are two more unshown creations waiting for their video btw


I can’t wait! :grinning:

I posted their wip pic in my Deviantart page, that’s all what I’m going to show until the video

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the upper arms and legs are fantastic, shaping is pretty much perfect I think.