Bionicle MOC(s): Zakharov and Aksakov

Steam punk dudes. i still haven’t decided on a backstorie


more pictures:


more pictures:


They look great! Can’t wait for the backstory!

Zakharov looks like he relies heavily on his cape to look any good at all.

The limbs are all fine and good, but the torso. Not feeling it.

Also, how is it you own not a single Black Vahki waist, by how things look?


@Nyran Nah,he looks pretty good without his cape,just a bit gappy

just because.

@Creep Thanks! And yeah,he was supposed to be pretty lanky.

@Reokai yeah :s

@squeaverking thanks! it was actually fireteam venom

@Rando thanks!

@DarkTakanuva thank you c:

@helryx Thank you!


Russian Steampunk dudes! :wink:

Mocs seem nice yet Aksakov looks skinny (idk if that is what you were going for)

All hail Mother Russia!

Love the use of that Mega Bloks Halo piece. I really want those Fire team Packs, I think that was Fireteam Viper.

I like the look of these MOCs and I get a pretty strong steampunk vibe from them. Though the green Vahki waists stick out like sore thumbs and the ankles on both MOCs are way too skinny in my opinion. The elbows on Askakov seem that way as well, but it’s much less obvious. Great MOCs overall, though!

I like steampunk. I also like Bionicle. When they are put together effectively, I really like it.

Great job.

I really like Zakharov, but the torso is kind of messy. Aksakov is awesome too!

I will go ahead and agree with what ventum said on flickr

alrighty then

I really like all the little details all over Aksakov!

Love 'em to the point where i’m actually jealous of your amazing skills.

Those green Vahki hips destroy the colour scheme tho

wow a samurai and gold darth vader I’m very impressed. These are extremely well put together and it looks like a lot of effort went into them.

@StudentScissorsLeaker thanks!

@Rockho thank you very much!

@isaac_swords okay?
EDIT: Thank you

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I just realised… Is Zodiac dead? (Looks at G2 Kaukau)

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Yes,Zodiac is dead.


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