Bionicle MOC: Seko Blue

Egotestical and arrogant male toa of water.

more pictures:


Pretty cool but the green waist looks...odd..

Egotistic Toa of Water? Someone stole my likeness. /s

Looks a bit too thin, not a fan of the feet.


@RaptorTalon19 I couldn't find my blue one. :L

@Risebell uh. okay?
And believe me,he looks a lot less thin in person

Well..he looks to much like a streo-type female toa of water.....maybe bulk him up around the waist joint..

@RaptorTalon19 Nah,he's fine

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I am just sayn....he looks like a Hahli revamp....HIMS NEEDS MUSKUSLS!

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@RaptorTalon19 REally? xD he doesn't even look feminine

He kinda does....

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he really does, the thin waist, the low shoulders, even the chest a bit.

also, you could have just added some more metru green so that the waist doesn't stick out.
also also, I'm not a fan of the lower leg construction, it just looks off.

looks alright, but needs some simple refinement.


I like the use of the skull spiders. Very nice.

@helryx Thanks c:

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As a guy with a feminine Self-MOC, I can confirm
this guy looks feminine

Also the green waist makes the waist look pretty bad

And the textures are alllll over the place

I do like the hand concept

And to finish, the chest is sloppy and looks slapped on

maybe a 6/10 at best, 4/10 at worst. It's not horrible, but there's not much keeping it away from the mark.


Okay,okay xD

Thanks. i know he isn't perfect,but i was trying to make him as simple as possible.

Feet and waist seems off.
Otherwise good moc.

@Pot8oYe i had no idea for the feet :L

if you have
a diff colour of mata feet
If not just use silver hf feet.
or black hf feet.

Myeh. i'll see.

I don't think he looks very feminine

@Chro Me neither. :s