Bionicle MOC - Silverbeak-Buzzard

Deep within the chambers of the Metru Nui Archive the clone of Vorka found a small stasis pod that was still active and held a specimen inside of it. The writing on it didn't say much just that it's an experiment of an avian splicing procedure. He put down the stasis pod and readied his dagger as he reached to open it, waking up the creature inside of it. The bird opened it's eyes and crawled out of the stasis pod, looking around curiously then seeing him. For a moment there was an awkward silence then the bird slowly walked closer to him, looking up, flapping it's wings until he lifted from the ground and was at the same height as he was. The clone extended his arm carefully and the bird landed on it making a happy chirp of sort. He didn't exactly understand the situation but finally having a friend was a change of pace at the very least.

Keeping with the whole idea of the Year of Rebirth I tweaked on my older MOC the Death Vulture giving more articulated legs and wings. Though the wings aren't perfect I still like them, true it didn't necessarily need CCBS bones to make it but I was short on the needed on ball joint, plus I had 4 just mixed into some of the black pieces so I gave them a good use.


simple but effective. I also like how you intergrated the launcher into the torso. however that light grey is near the silver so I can tell they're different, so I wish there was more silver to make it more even

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If I had I would have but sadly I have very little of that type of piece in silver so I kept it light gray

Nice little rahi MOC

I like it. The wings look good, the blaster in his torso is neat, and well, it looks like a bird.

I like it, really succeeds in looking like a bird

Nice! Great job on the wings!