Bionicle moc Skull Spider Queen (Has an Updateded version, post name is skullspider queen update tirix)

This moc is more of a reemagining of the lord of skull spiders, turned into a Rahi by the name Skull spider queen.
I am working on a new version of this moc and has taken this one apart.
new version will have been mutated into a two legged creature by Makuta Reaper.
with that said.

Being the mother and queen of the skullspiders this Rahi is scary, but she most stay in one place only ever go out in order to hunt Ruruno’s or kill for sports. befor the Toa arrived she where seen as a scary Rahi. And one needed 2 to 3 warriors to take one out.

In each reagion there live a skull spider queen one with there own elemental powers

In the region of fire live’s the fire skullspider queen.
it is said that if the 6 skullspiders would ever meet one would need a miracle, though this legend and warning now sees more as a fairy tale told to kids at camp fire’s after six warriors in training where transformed into Toa’s.

it is said that the skullspider queen of fire live’s deep with in a volcanic cavern field with lava and fire.

All skullspider queens look the same only diffrens being in there fur color orange and red being the one from the fire region, purple and gold is the color of the one from the reagion of gravity, the color for the one in the ice region is white and grey wile the one from the jungle region is colored green and black, the water regions skullspider queen has the colors of blue and green and finally the stone regions skullspider queen is colored brown and grey.


This is just whole levels of wrong.

It reminds me of a jumping spider. (more compact rather than spread out)



It’s hard to tell because of the armor you added, but it looks to me that the main design is exactly the same as LoSS.

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spiders in disguise

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Pretty good, I guess.

thats why I called it a reemagining and that it was taken appart, I only needed a nother land Rahi and so I added some pins and changed the armor a bit on the original set.
but as I stated at the biggining of the post (if any one of you did read it that is) that I had taken it appart and plan on remake it into a two legged 6 armed creature insted.

this is just a lord skull spiders but with orange and a messed up back.
i think instead of a grabbing feature you should a storage for skull spider or something like that.

and make it built different or at least fix the problems to old skull spider had

and don’t tell me female spider look exactly same as males.
i just want

look up a female Mexican Red Rump Tarantula to a male Mexican Red Rump Tarantula
(they are very different)

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I would but I’m arachnophobic, so I’ll just trust your right :thumbsup:

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yea lets just say there gigantic
now if your afraid of them look up brown recluse spider

they may be small but when they bite you it’s slow agonizing pain

Not helping dude :frowning:


@TheMoltenKing ok im sorry man im sorry

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Seems to me like a bunch of kibble added onto LOSS, really.


pretty much what I was thinking XD

Looks like Loss wanted to be more like Tahu, I like the alternate color scheme. :slight_smile:

Kind of just LOSS with a different (not great) back and some extra armor. I would have liked to see some sort of storing function. It’s decent.

the male is the small one’s and the female is the one build from the lord skull spiders oh and FYI for every one

well at least now I know you people dont read the discription of a moc and only watch the picture’s oh and here is another FYI

Oh and one more thing this moc was made becuas I wanted a 3rd land based Rahi.

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Seems more like you just built the loss with whatever colors you had around. I don’t have any problem with reskins but I would have added a skull spider storage or launching gimmick to the back to really make it different. I think everyone’s problem is that it’s too similar to the set to really be a moc. The least I would have done is add extra joints to the legs.

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Mind if I use this idea in one of my MOCs, if I happen to post it, I will give you credit @h1vem1nd

@MakutaTexxidos oh yea do that ,

if you did that would make that moc one of my favorites