Bionicle moc: Sterax, The Shadow King


This is my selfmoc Sterax. The first version of him was build in summer 2015 so he is two years old. He has the power to change the DNA of any living being and turn them into shadow minions. He is my biggest moc( yet ) and his right eye is scarred because the former shadow king always needs to scare a part of the new shadow king. He has a chain around his neck because it looks sweet and the color combination black and blue is my favorite.

I hope you will like the moc and if you have ideas let me know!!!

Sorry for the bad quality but in his hand is shadow DNA

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Veeeeeeery imposing.

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I think that the arms could flow better and the neck seems a bit long. Otherwise pretty nice.

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I love the idea behind it and the overall look of it… I would not want to come across his way…
I think it would look better if the gaps in the lower section would be filled up a bit, not with armor but with more black bones.

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I love the lower body!

I like the “Legs”

The head is too small and the hands are too big, but I really like the "legs’.

Surprised this isn’t a straight-up Makooti MOC.

The lower body is that much to write Home about but i really enjoy how big and imposing his upper half is.

That’s a villain if I 'ere saw one.

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Edgy, scary, but most of all, epic af