Bionicle MOC: Synthia (Synthetic Tactical Heretical Intelligence Android)

New MOC, my first sort of Waifu MOC. Her name, Synthia, stands for "Synthetic Tactical Heretical Intelligence Android" which roughly means a robot programmed to predict enemies movements and decisions on a battlefield. Other than that really nothing else to add story-wise: as she generally is an underdeveloped character. (Might add on later) However: I must add that she is not part of the Bionicle Universe

In terms of her armaments: I'm sure some of you will recognize her main weapons: the Omni-Tool/Blade from Mass-Effect. For her other main weapons: she has a simple sword. The other things she holds are jokes/memes really: like that flag and umbrella, just thought they looked nice.

I'm sure some you may question my design decisions: but they design style is one I took heavy inspiration from Djokson who can be found here: If you have any thoughts and whatnot: feel free to comment them. I'm open to it.


src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/1/1/1197db7d85996d0e9eab0406845d756822cf39ec.JPG" width="666" height="500">

And I am aware, lol, that she looks a lot like Meskii by Alieraah. Had inspiration from it, so if curious, here's the link to that MOC.<img


May be a Meskii mimick but it actually pulls the look off quite well. I really like what you did with the legs and waist in particular. Very nicely done.


I like the color scheme, but those feet cannot support a person. I'm surprised that she can stand upright.


It's a good MOC, I suppose. However the trans orange looks a little weird.

why are the feet so small
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Lol it was a joke, no need for the cringe.
And well it holds up the MOC no? (very well I might add, better than the other MOCs I've made, see my profile if interested) So that means it technically can hold up a person. And also, she's a robot she necessarily does not have to follow the total physicality of a human, nor exact proportions.

The overall design choices were inspired by a guy named Djokson, This whole small female chibi with tiny feet are mainly from him. I added a link above. Its mainly just aesthetic reasons.

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I think there is an error, but this is a really nice looking moc.

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I love the spiked umbrella, never seen a weapon quite like it before

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The proportions are a bit off, but other than that the MOC is alright I suppose.

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the nuva shoulder on her chest sticks out a bit too much,otherwise this is super cool

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oh my that wheel piece in the torso makes the torso look so good.

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A great design. The utilization of a wheel piece for her torso is nifty and works very well. I also like her color scheme.

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Oh yeah I just noticed that as well. Tried to fix it, but for some reason it is still there.
@Ghosty Yeah I also think that the Nuva piece sticks out a but much as well. But I thinks its passable.
@Darknova3529 @Stoax Glad you like it!

Why the legs are so fine?

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I like the smooth look, but is there any way you can show us a pick with blue instead of red? Also, ive seen this on instagram and youtube.


Nice moc all round, but the feat are a little small if you ask me.

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dude, is that Meskii?

Upper arms are rather thin and “plating” is abit outward, but still look alright.

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