Bionicle MOC: Syren

Another MOC I guess I’ll show here. I don’t have much character development for her, other than which she’s partially insane (so unique right) and has a bass gun SMG for one of her arms. Links for a video ad tutorial are below. Thigh design is based off of Alieraahs MOC, IX.

Thigh Credit:

Feel free to comment any thoughts or criticisms. (I would try to alter her based off of critiques, but she’s scrapped)


Soo… nuva butt is a nuva butt…
The rest looks pretty fantastic though!


shes perfect as a moc

only nitpick is the red pin

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What is it with people and massive disproportionate moc kneecaps these days.


I’m not really sure what to make of the head. Other than that, I love it!

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Really like the style of it. Nice MOC.

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Why do people get so triggered by nuvabutt, if it works for the shape the creator was after who cares? Really like the MOC btw


Dude this is one cool Moc. I really dig it

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Looks like it doesn’t have a neck. Otherwise it’s pretty good

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I know a lot of people are going to target the rear for critique but I…actually don’t mind it? I mind the colors, the silver really stands out way too much, but if you changed up the colors and got it to blend in more it’d be fine.

Got some really strong shaping in here. I don’t really like the torso armoring for this particular MOC, but it doesn’t specifically look terrible.

Biggest nitpick is going to be the head for me. Really just don’t like the head, or really the upper back. The rest is pretty solid. Nice work.

raises hand
I have an entire species with odd kneecaps :stuck_out_tongue:


Not bad. Though the minifig hands for fingers is something I’ve never really liked. But that’s probably just me. 9.8/10

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the butt looks kinda out of place,yknow,being silver n all

basically what Ek said

otherwise good

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This is a really good MoC! I love all the techniques and it really reminds me that I’ll never make something as good as this and I should just stop trying

Seriously though, I think you did a fantastic job! 10/10


Like the head… the lower legs are bit thin, but that looks good with the rest… the head is cool… what’s that arm canon thing?

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first off, the positives:

  • the usage of the Skull animal head is actually really clever.
  • she looks consistent, overall.

with those out of the way…

  • the nuva butt REALLY should be a different color, s to not have it stick out like a baboon’s rear.
  • from your posing, the hips look really restricted
  • same goes for the shoulders, and their outward motion.

Overall, a decent 8/10

lookin forward to your next MOC


man, that is tight, yo

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