BIONICLE MOC: The Golden King



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The MOC's proportions are a bit off, and the chest plate looks kind of awkward. It's definitely not the worst MOC I've seen, but it needs some work. :wink:

Age doesn't matter. The work that is shown, does.


I get the feels...

Pretty cool moc. He could possibly be a little more symetric with his armor, and fixing the color scheme up a bit wouldn't hurt.

Nice work. Try and find a table or something to set your mocs on instead of holding it up that will make it easier to get good pics.

Don't you have to be 13 to go on the boards? Any way this is a pretty good MOC but not so good camera work maybe set up a place to make photos next time :wink: But an overall good job

I'm not Ten...
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He deleted the post so I had to quote your quote lol :laughing:

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I got to admit this looks pretty great.
Neck is too long though and the weapons are mediocre.

Building CCBS off of a Piraka torso is an interesting concept.