Bionicle Moc: The Jungle Dragon

This here is the first of my elemental dragons. The motivation behind this moc was to primarily use up a lot of the excess green armor pieces and torsos I owned. Now since I made one, I want to make one for each element lol.

The dragon's standard form, with it's wings sticking out.

The dragon is able to stand fully on only its back legs and tail.

The dragon is now in full assault mode, with the wings as blasters.

A size comparison between a standard kopaka and my self moc.

This is only the first dragon, there's still 5 more elements left for me to make more...


Such much lime

does it come with a margarita


He is nice! I love the green!

Love it, more bulk would be good

Needs more colors. All that line makes it hard to see the details


I made a lime dragon stand next to Kopaka once...he ate Kopaka...

So you just took all your green pieces and bunched them up together to make this monstrosity? :stuck_out_tongue:

The Dragon look and stance is fine, but the fact that you restrained yourself to only certain pieces causes it to have no armor flow, and weird proportions; to be blunt, it looks like a a mis-mashed mess of parts. Especially the wings.

To improve, try putting similar textured armor together, and layering them slightly on top of each other like armadillo plates for the back. Remove things that look out of place like the silver and HF leg plates on his arms. The feet need to be similar, looks like he has boots. Keep the proportions consistent. Don't make the body super wide and give it odd, skimpy limbs.