Bionicle MOC: The Pilot

So I got the lego technic Ultralight Helicopter one day because i was looking to buy a parts pack, and instead of building the model, I decided to build a MOC, and this is the result:

He only goes by “The Pilot.” No one knows if he’s ever had another name. He used to work for the Order of Mata Nui with a research division that was trying to build flying machines. When his first test flight failed, he crashed miles away from Daxia on a tiny unmapped island. He rebuilt himself using parts from the crashed vehicle and now he wanders the archipelago as sort of this Batman, doing good for the Matoran, but vanishing all too suddenly.

(sorry that the pictures are sideways)
In case you were wondering, yes, the rotor does allow him to fly, yes he uses a Rhotuka spinner as his ranged weapon of choice, and yes, that is a technic piston engine on his back.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Hate mail?


It’s arctic rotor! :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, this is a pretty neat-looking MOC. I really dig the headset microphone. The overall proportions, the weapons and the heli-pack are all pretty neat. That being said, I find that the MOC looks a bit jumbled and cluttered in some places (especially the torso). If you have the parts, I’d recommend trying to stick with a consistent colour scheme of 2-3 main colours.

Pretty neat. I’d say the legs are my favorite part.

I sexually identify as a attack helicopter.


That’s a pretty inspired backstory, so that’s awesome. Makes me like the moc more

I like it, but the old grey mixed with the new grey pieces look weird.