Bionicle MOC: Tipper ATV

About The MOC
This is a MOC I made on a whim after seeing Donna Liem's Quad Bike and thinking I could improve on the design. I initially just wanted to recreate it as best as possible but get at least steering into the design. After looking at photos of ATV's on my laptop while building it.I realized Donna's MOC's tires were way too big for such a small bike. And it just kinda devolved more into taking more inspiration from actual ATV's. The ending result is this. It has functional steering. I could maybe try and get suspension in there on the back wheels but I decided this was enough. I built this in the course of two days(two MOCing sessions so maybe a few hours all together).

I was going to wait
to make a rider for it but with Bricks By the Bay only a day away I
wanted to get this up here before I head off to that. The MOC is called
Tipper  because ATV's are notorious for tipping over if turning too
sharply, factor in that the front wheel base is wider than the rear's,
this one would be even worse.


This could pass off as Takua's lawnmower, the reason being that it has Jaller's Hau on the back, similarly to the Ussanui. Also, instead of mowing grass, this thing can mow lava, because Takua is a Ta Matoran.


@KyoryuYellow1138 but..but takua isnt a ta-matoran, he was only disguised as one
@3rdeye88 man the colour scheme on this one is bright..and I love it, I mean how many mocs are so bright and purple and yellow? the only con is that you have exposed blue and red pins but you probably already fixed that

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Oops, forgot, but he did live in Ta Koro, and he had to deal with those pesky molten rocks, so he would use this to do that!

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@KyoryuYellow1138 Thanks. But why would one need to mow lava? How would you even do that? It would just sink into it and the tires would melt. stuck_out_tongue And Yar Takua was an Av-Matoran disguised as a Ta-Matoran

@Toa_potao Thak you as well. Purple and Yellow is actually a color scheme lego has used before, so its one of those ones that really stands out but works to. People definitely won't miss this thing screaming by them, that's for sure. stuck_out_tongue

That's not a con. Using blue and red pins is just part of the deal now. Its what lego produces. I wish certain people would stop ****ing about them. Lego has been making friction pins in blue since 2003. Getting them in black isn't all that easy, or cheap anymore. No I haven't fixed them and no I'm not going to fix them because they don't need fixing, that's just how it is now. I save my black axles for MOCs that I care more about the color scheme. This wasn't one of them.

He can mow the lava... with the Power of

Also the whole thing is lava-proof..

thats all I have too, but no need to be rude about it though, black axles arent THAT rare, and meh with the blue, really couldnt care about the blue, its more of a thought of other people

@KyoryuYellow1138 I don't think your link worked it just took me to youtube and not a specific video. * shrugs *

@Toa_potao I don't mean to be rude. And I don't consider "I wish people would stop *****ing about it" to be rude. If I can't express being fed up with nitpicking like that without being rude then fine you'll just have to get over it. I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just being open and honest. People here need to stop being offended by every little god****ed thing. Sheesh. I can't say anything about anything without someone getting their panties in a bunch about it.

No, black axles aren't that rare but black friction pins are. And they're not cheap either to get them on Bricklink. Any of the US stores with quantities worth the part was over 50 cents. That's a lot for such a small basic part like a friction pin. Its the kind of thing you only get a few of if you really really need to control your color scheme. Like on Matteo for example. he uses them. A MOC like this I threw together in a couple hours. I'm definitely not going to care about blue pins or red axles. People just need to get over it and stop even mentioning it. Its what we've got its all lego gives us in sets and its really not that big of a deal.

k mate..but when did I say I was offended? please get your facts straight

also this is the video

I like it. Excellent color scheme and texture. Great use of Mata hands and Mctoran pieces.
Overall, I like it

the purple is great where did you manage to find all that purple?

It looks like he got it from a couple 2001 sets.
* Onepu (
* Nui Jaga (
After 2001 purple was pretty much collectibles only, although it seems to be more and more common in the last few years.

I think I fixed the link now. Try it again.

I do believe he may have also gotten the purple Toa Mata hands from a Slizer/Throwbot.

You said he's an av-matoran, and ive heard that he is one, but what is that exactly? Please explain...


Av-Matoran were Matoran of light. They were expanded upon in the 2008 story line with Karda Nui and all that nonsense. stuck_out_tongue I read that year's comics, still didn't make much sense to me. stuck_out_tongue

@Everyone else. Ummmm I took a MOC apart that had purple so I probably did get those purple parts from some of the mentioned sets, But I did make a bricklink order to reenforce my collection of Purple as well. So what it actually came from I don't know. I still have a good deal of purple I didn't even use here, including two Pakari's.

Your right. I sometimes forget that those existed.

Nice. Unfortunately, my collection consists of post-Inika peices and one gunmetal Nuva chest plate. so no purple for me.