Bionicle moc Toa Mata revamp

Here’s the team all together.

I’m not a huge fan of Kopaka’s armor.

The ball joint connector really annoys me on Onua

Please tell me what you think! Constructive criticism is welcome


They’re really skinny and the proportions are really awkward.
Apart from that I guess they’re okay.


They look decent. Not the best but far from the worst.

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It’s really good, you should do this for the Nuva too if possible.

These are, unnerving, to be honest, they have distended proportions that just look really unsettling,
I don’t like them.


Honestly they all have really bad proportions, even Pohatu. They really need some fixing up.

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Well not bad, but I definitely think these guys could benefit from some stuff on their upper arms to beef them up a little.

They’re very lanky. This was still a thing on the OGs but the limbs were also not as long.

I kinda get what you’re going for, but I’d recommend bulking them up a bit and maybe making the proportions more humanoid.


Ok, the proportions on these are bad.

first off, the nuva legs do NOT work with the rahkshi thighs at all. the way that the joints work does not allow for proper knee movement, and in all the shots, the knees are bending outward awkwardly.

speaking of joints not really being comparable, the arms. the mata limbs do not work with that system, both in proportions, and articulation-wise. you’re gonna get more sideways elbow action than regular elbows

(props to the 1-2 people who got that joke)

so yeah.

they all look to be extremely flat and bare, with the T torso making one heck of a comeback, especially in most beside lewa and onua. at least with them, it’s more sunken into the body.

overall, i think i’d be best to start anew.


Honestly??? These to me are… kind of a de-vamp. They’ve become more wobbly looking, some of them have some pudge and general proportion issues, and the knees seem to be bending inwards/outwards in most pics. Sorry, but these are just kinda… eh.