Bionicle MOC: Tracker

Because Macross needed a worthy adversary.

He was a skull spider scout and he accidently found the mask of ultimate power.The mask was like poison. whoever was around it was hypnotised to wear it. you know what happenned next.

more pictures:…
fighting with Macross:


This is HUGE! I really like all the CCBS you used for this guy! Although, I wish you used the Silver Skull Spider instead of the blue one.

Then again, the contrasting does help it in some ways.


Oh my god....... This is glorious.



thanks guys!

Thanks! yeah. My silver skull spider is used at the moment,and contrast is awesome.

I see a blue pin... Pull the neck out further, and give him a bit more mass in his feet/ankles. Otherwise, I really like it! Very nice use of a mostly CCBS build!

thank you!
hm. the proportions are supposed to be weird, like no neck tiny feet huge hips etc. in other words anime-like proportions


Then its perfect!

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yay! c:

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what is used for the mask cant tell expressionless

the skull spider mask

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Whoa. joy

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That's awesome! I love it. The only problem is the dark blue skull spider, and how small it is compared to the rest of his body.

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Really like it! Great techniques smile

I actually really like this guy's quirky proportions. I will say that the armour placement on the arms feels a bit iffy. And the sides of his torso could use some covering. Finally, the feet seem a tad too small. I recommend custom ones.

Run Tahu! It is too late for me!

At least, that's what I would say if I saw this MOC coming at me stuck_out_tongue


It's not too late. For I am the Matsuh, of Fi -

gets horribly rekt by the awesomeness of this Moc

There's only one thing missing from this Moc. A weapon. A spiked club would do the trick.


I saw this and I was like: Oh my God this looks freaking amazing.

This is very cool. Your mastery of CCBS is quite impressive.