Bionicle Moc Warrior of light Andromeda Verson 2

After taking reading some of the comments from Version 1 Andromeda I have now made some upgrade’s that is remade the hammer from scratch as well as added new armor piece’s for her.

Small Back Story for new look.
After returning to the Iland of Tora-Kota she where given a prophecy about the awakening of Pandora Toa of light and the queen of the spirit warriors.
In order to prepare herself the Toa and the warriors of Tora-Kota to help Pandora in her quest Andromeda gave new armor to the warriors and herself for the new destiny awaiting them.
She also used her mask power of form to remake her hammer giving it a new look.


The lower torso is way too skinny. Maybe try lowering the stud blaster by one pin?

The hammer head looks cool, but you should get rid of the guard and make the handle straight. This is fairly skeletal. Not much else to say.

Well she looks like that because I use the design for Kolta the Protector of earth for my protector sice warriors exampel to this is the water warrior I made as well.

Well I wanted the hammer to look cool from the front and so I added the guard so that it would look more correct from the front of the hammer.

Eyyyyyyyyyy you did a do! Still not perfect, but definitely an improvement. Add a bit more gold and replace some arm black with trans blue, and give her longer shells on her upper legs and youre good to go! Maybe change up the hammer again, dont worry you will make a good one sometime.