Bionicle mocs from 2010 Part 3 Villans G1 version of Reaper

Hi I have some moc’s I made 2010 that I will be posting in this and two other post first the Matorans, then of Titans who replast the Toa after they got killed by the villans leader. And finally the villans if you want to know more about them you can find information and backstory for them on my youtube channel, I will not put up links to my youtube channel or talk any more then this about it as I’m noting more then a villager in status on this site.
With that said here are the Villans
Small backstory. After a event took place in another universe that changed the Toa’s from Toa mata to Toa Galactic, Makuta Teradax unleased his 7th Rakshi son a misstake he relised far to late as it killed its siblings and absorb there powers naming himself Reaper, then he whent after Teradax, Teradax got saved by the Toa and like Mata-nui fell for a long sleep, and in order to save there world the Toa trapt themself within protodermis to open a portal to a new world hopping that the Toa in the other Universe could defeat Reaper for good.
But that did not happen insted he absorb Makuta Teradax in that Univers and became Makuta Reaper insted.
And with his new power he killed of the Toa and turned two matorans into his minions.
Reaper then whent and killed every member of the tribe’s of stone and earth and turned Tahu into his minion assasin Fire.
with this said lets start with Fire,

This guy was made by using the Star body build and so he is kinda odd looking.

on his sword is a small rahi that he can use either to spy on his any one or as a extra weapon on his second arm.

Now for reapers second in command, Noname (if any one would like to namn this guy please put it in the comments)

Now for Reaper himself.

after taking all the power he absorbed he mutated and got 2 more heads that give him diffrent powers.

Lets end this with a small gruppshot

Well this was all my Mocs I made 2010 and they are almost 7 years old now. hope you all liked them, dont forget to check out Part 1 Matorans and 2 Titans as well ^^


I think the reapers is the best looking out of all of these.

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These guys are awesome and crazy looking. Especially for stars builds.

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Pretty good for old builds, great job :slight_smile:

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The first two MOCs are really cluttered, but the reaper look a bit better.