Bionicle MOCs: The guardians

The strong warriors that protect the villages that are the most attacked (in my storyline)

i really enjoy making these smaller MOCs,they're a nice change.

more pictures:


nice mocs

do not like the lower body for all of them.
also red balljoints are a bad.


thanks! [sshh i don't have anymore black balljoints]

I know that feeling

yus :[

I don't like Nokix that much, mainly because of the gray. Naria is good but I dislike the arms, because of the shorter bone used as her upper arm. Leku is the best IMO.

thanks! i don't like Nokix that much either,but he isn't that bad

These look pretty cool

NP. He isn't the worst thing ever he's just not as good as the others.

@codenamelego39 thanks!

@Krecek58 yeah,i agree,

Nifty little things aren't they.

yus :J

And you should feel bad.
For using them...
red balljoints...

The male ones look pretty cool and buff, looking the part. The female one looks outstanding and actually looks feminine, but also retains a similar build to the rest of them.

Great job!

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thanks alot! i wwas trying to make them different but that they look good as a team,i'm glad it worked!

I don't really like the use of the matoran feet, it makes them look very unstable. The build is also somewhat too basic, I would like to see more detail in the building. Appart from that, the looks is pretty solid and harmonic

Aside from the green one, these are very nice!

I don't know how... but the blue one actually looks feminine, these all look great, except the green one looks a little odd




thanks everyone!

It's the shoulders.

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