BIONICLE Motif or Lazy

Over time we have seen many repeated themes in Bionicle are these Motif or Lazyness. Please discuss. i’d like to start off this subject with “Mind Control”. In 2001 we had infected Kanohi, in 2002 we had Krana, in 03 we had Krata, 04 we had corrupted Toa like Nidihki, in 05 we had visorak venom, in 06 we had the Matoran controling Antidermis I think it was called, IDK what was in 07, 08 we had Shadow Leechs. and even in hero factory we had Brains. In some way, i feel like each year incorporates a form of betrayal or side change for characters.


I supppose these aren’t all Mind Control, but you know what I mean. Characters switching their allegiance and such like that.


Ehh. It’s a popular idea.

I mean, look how much its used in other franchise. How To Train Your Dragon 2, with the Alpha Dragons, Doctor Who with all sorts of enemies. It’s just a popular idea, an so using it attracts people more than not.