Bionicle Multiverse: Giganite

After a long time of ignoring my BONKLEZ to write other original stories, watch YouTube and draw more pictures, I have completely rewritten my entire Bionicle multiverse in the least FanFiction way that I could.

Introducing Giganite of The X squad…

Well guess who’s back. Once again I’m sure that no one missed me, but ■■■■■■ I’m happy to be here again. Offer me your opinions if you wish to, if you like him then thanks, if you hate him then oh well, if you don’t know then pick a side…

I think I’m becoming insane.


I can see that this guy has a transformation feature, which is cool, but a lot is sacrificed on the robot mode for that feature to work. He’s super skinny in some areas, and heavily armoured in others, eg thighs compared to rest of leg. The armour piece as a face looks alright, it definitely works though. I would also recommend folding the wing like blades down in robot mode instead of inward, sort of like this:

It makes a much more imposing silhouette.

The ship or whatever transformation doesn’t really work… the guy is so skinny, there are lots of open balljoints.

I did.
But the moc is pretty bad.
I mean really bad.
I can’t find any pro.

Neat transformation

A good transformation but the armour is kinda lacking.