BIONICLE Music Parody: ‘Collecting Parts’ - Parody of One Republic’s Counting Stars

BIONICLE Music Parody: ‘Collecting Parts’ - Parody of One Republic’s Counting Stars

With the return of BIONICLE finally confirmed it is time for us all to rejoice, celebrate, and remember the five years we spent together keeping the fandom alive.

We couldn’t have done it with our all of you!

If you were present for MakutaFest you may remember this song being played, we’ve saved it for this momentous occasion and we hope you enjoy!

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Gah! Can’t view on mobile!

Nicely done!

Also, thank you for keeping us together. I doubt that Bionicle would have ever returned without you guys bringing together the fandom.

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Love that Omega Tahu drawing in there

That was great. I’m kinda surprised there’s not more stuff like this out there, it’s such a good idea! Also, the BTtF train as the hype train was a nice touch.

I have this gut feeling Var was singing…It was awesome anyways!

Yeah, it was Var. Same singing voice as TTV’s first Music Parody from 2012, Memories Made

That angelic voice could not belong to anyone else.

It’s a good parody, but as I said on the youtube page itself. It could have been improved on in a few small ways. Not to say this isn’t good, but there’s no such thing as perfect, in anything.

I can’t wait to watch but first I must finish TTV Podcast 116!

Very creative and a nice spin on a song that I, personally, do not like that much. Var, holy cow, your voice! That took serious guts to do, I tip my fedora to you.

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I really love this parody. Permission to make a stop motion of it?

Awesome piece of work! The hype train thrown in there was funny. And yes as other people are saying, you’re voice was great!

Although I admit, I never have listened to the original version, but this version is still funny.

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is gr8 i r8 8/8 m8

but seriously this was pretty good. GJ guys

(also i get the feeling Ven helped with this and gets little credit)


Nope, no one else touched the production of this video besides me :stuck_out_tongue:

And thank for the lovely comments everyone.


Ii stand corrected. Good job mate! :slight_smile:

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I too cannot view on mobile… :’(

Grr! Still no mobile!

Lego I’ve been I’ve been loosing sleep.
Dreaming about the sets that we could see.
Maybe I need I need a fresh start.
Reasons to spend my dollars collecting collecting all those parts.

I remeber the old days, listening to this and anticipating 2015. It was worth it.

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It’s been a year and a half, and it’s still my favorite song, let alone song parady, on YouTube. You created something really special, Var. Even when we’re praying for BIONICLE to return for a third generation, this song will unite fans and bring hope.

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