Bionicle Music

I know there is a thread for Cryoshell but this is the thread where you can discuss the Bionicle music from all the different years and groups.

My personal favorites (in order) are Hero, Gravity Hurts, and Crashed.


Also, the movie/game music! :stuck_out_tongue: Personally I really love this one.


Being a late comer to Bionicle I found out about / listened to most of the Bionicle music here-

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I really love the Bionicle Heroes soudntrack

Bionicle Heroes Title Screen

Bionicle Heroes Gold Mode

Bionicle Heroes Matoran Enclave Day/Night

Bionicle Heroes Titan Battle


Bionicle Gravity Hurts


I haven’t listened to any Bionicle video game soundtracks, I guess I should. :smiley:

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Hm… Mine would have to be the 2001 era stuff.


I say so as well. MONG’s soundtrack was so good that it was reused in the Vahki Animations and even a LEGO Racers online game.

I liked the “dark” toned music (2005-2008). Especially Hero, Caught in a Dream, Gravity Hurts, etc.


my favorite would have to be creeps from the deep, as it reminded me of a song from evanescence…

Totally the Matoran Theme from the first movie.

This piece is my favourite.

I just realized after re-listening to the old Bionicle game soundtracks that the main theme that plays in the Voya Nui Online game is a modified version of the beautiful Ga-Koro themes from the original Bionicle 2003 game!

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Hey dudes I just made a cover of the bionicle theme from Mask of light. I do not own the right to the original track. Check it out!!!

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this is probably my fave.

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Gravity Hurts, and the MNOG OST.

I can’t believe we went 15 posts into this topic without mentioning the most beautiful outstanding piece of music in bionicle’s history

Brings a tear to my eye. I’m disappointed in all of you.

Seriously though gravity hurts, closer to the truth and the MNOG ost are probably my favorites and represent bionicle the best to me.


For 2016 I really like the music New Divide, from Linking Park.


So is any Linkin Park actually affiliated with bionicle? And what other popular bands are?

From what I know, Linking Park is not associated with Bionicle other than fan videos right the one above your post.