BIONICLE: New Legends Comics [Chapter 3 released]

Here is my pdf adapted comic series. You can check out the Video section to find a video based version of these. Here just a small description:

“BIONICLE New Legends is a fan based video based comic series, which is a continuation of the G1 story after Makuta Teridax’s defeat. All inhabitants of the Matoran Universe are now living peacefully with the Agoris and Glatorians. But some might want to rule Spherus Magna instead of living in peace and harmony. Dark hunters, Skralls, and the Barraki are already planning a full scale war on the new formed community. But something even darker awaits the new inhabitants of Spherus Magna. The story begins with 2 Matorans on the island of Kota Nui, named after a fallen Toa hero…”

Chapter 1


Chapter 2


Chapter 3


Link to the video based comics topic: is for sale | HugeDomains


Nice use of lighting, fits the atmosphere :smile:

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