Bionicle: New Legends - Titans(SPOILER)

UPDATE: I updated all my Titans set, thanks to the community. I hope I improved my MOCs this time. Also added Toa Helryx.

These are my MOC that will be shown for my video based comic series called Bionicle: New Legends. SPOILER ALERT: Be aware that these guys could be shown in future chapters. If you want surprises, you will have to ignore my LEGO creatoon topics.





Helryx(Sort of)

Sets I used: Clone Commander Cody, Jango Fett, Lewa 2015, Darth Vader, Takadox, Hahli Inika.


Teridax and Takanuva are simple, but they pull of their own looks (I think Teridax is the best designed of the two).

Axon looks more like a bootleged form of his former glory.

I can see the elements of Keetongu you tried to bring back (Which is interesting), but as a whole he just looks weird. The green armor doesn’t mix well with the keetorange.

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That’s the problem if you only got some yellow parts, and mostly green parts. Also, you can see that his “head shield” is a Lehvak shield. I coloured years ago my yellow one to look more like a Bohrok one. Result: I didn’t have any yellow pieces. Lewa was the only set with yellow parts. So I had to improvise. Many of my sets are improvised. Some seem good, others just plain and dull.

Axonn does not look at all good, but the others look good. Nice job

My first post didn’t show up until I posted my second one, so sorry for double posting

Interesting, I like the look of Takanuva and Makuta the most.

Takanuva has some problems, the main one being his slight lankiness and coverage.

Axxon is weird and has strange white and sand blue.

Keetongu is kinda nice, maybe you could find something for those bohrok shields.

Makuta feels way too much like a rearranged Darth Vader.

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Takanuva is great, Axonn doesn’t have enough shoulders, Keetongu has too little Keetorange and too much green, and Makuta isn’t imposing enough.

Takanuva looks very well made

Axonn is alright, but he looks too skinny

Keetongu is strange because he looks decent, but the colours are a bit odd and the chest looks like it is too long

Teridax looks really nice, but the upper legs and the arms could be bulkier

I didn’t change Takanuva much. Keetongu, well I only got this green Bohork plate, which means I have to add a bit of green, even if it looks awful. Axonn: Complete update. He now looks much more imposing. Also added red like it should be. Teridax, well he is pretty large now, but got thin arms. Gonna look if I can change that.

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