Bionicle: New Shores

Ah nice another interlude.

Also the art looks pretty good!

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It’s so cool that you’ve got people passionate enough about your stuff to make art of it. That must be really gratifying.


Yeah, it does!

It’s a feeling that cannot be described. It’s so amazing, I’m incredibly grateful!

Interlude - "THE CHAMPION"

"And now, the amazing, the ever-blazing, the indescribable, the incomparable, the unimaginable… Toa Vosala!"

The crowd screamed. Puffs of decorative flame shot out from the audience, pumping the arena full of smoke as a glistening crimson figure stepped out of a dark gate, sword and shield in hand. He was tall, supple, and strong, his eyes coloring the smoke with a noble blue glow. Toa Vosala, hero of the Flickering Wastes, had arrived.

Vosala squinted through the smoke, unable to make out specifics of his awaiting audience. Their cries and cheers were like the roar of a singular, omnipresent beast, surrounding him with the immense force of glorious praise. His hand tightened around the leather hilt of his simple blade, the same model he was trained to use in the corps. The shield was new, though. He admired its deep red paints embellished with yellow flames. It matched his armor.

As the smoke began to clear, Vosala set the shield upon his back and sheathed the blade with it. He raised his hands into the air, directing the crowd to crescendo their praises. Here he was, on the edge of magnificence, about to commit some great act of bravery that the arena managers had planned for him. His joints still creaked a little from getting thrown around by last week’s match. They had thrown an entire bear at him. How would they top that this week?

“The foe of the unconquerable Toa Vosala for tonight’s match,” the announcer said in a low voice, “shall now emerge…”

At the other side of the arena, a haunting gate creaked open, revealing its shadowy interior.

Vosala drew his blade again, but left the shield. He wanted to make this look impressive.

Inside the chamber, a pair of twin eyes blazed to life, followed by a booming mechanical screech.

Oh no, Vosala thought. A Rahi?

From the tunnel shot a many-legged beast of metal and flame. It boomed as it slithered out, its long, snake-like body nearly the entire length of the arena itself. It was propelled by a series of numerous scuttling legs that stabbed furiously into the red sand of the ground, and its mouth, a wide tunnel of teeth and saws, spewed out flames that scorched the dust beneath it. Its segmented body spurted out fire that shot into the air, coercing a series of gasps and awe from the audience.

“A Singe Serpent!” the announcer cried. “The great centipede of the Wastes! How will he do it? How will the fantabulous, unequaled Toa Vosala defeat this foe?”

“With sword and fire!” shouted Vosala. From his empty hand, he summoned a sphere of fire. Around him, the crowd echoed their gasps.

The Singe Serpent, which was inappropriately named due to its centipede-like nature, narrowed its eyes. Another being that commanded flame such as it? Surely, this must be a rival to the throne! It peeled its body from the ground, its many bladed legs flashing in the ashen starlight. It sacrificed a third of its standing to rise all the way to the height of the chain link cage which protected the crowd from the dangerous beasts inside. Its many saws grinded and hissed to add to its intimidation play.

But the impeccable Vosala would not be dissuaded. He took the ball of flame and forced it into a beam, the tips of it licking the armor of the centipede with hungry power.

“Come on,” Vosala egged. “Let’s give them something to watch!”

The Serpent darted forwards, thrusting its saw-filled mouth towards him.

Vosala leapt to the side, which caused his feet to slide through the dust. Clouds of red powder streamed up as he moved, tracking his movement.

The maw of the beast roared with fury as it clamped down on nothing. It turned to face its opponent and sprayed a wave of flame at Vosala, which he ducked underneath, feeling the heat mount over his head.

“You’re nasty,” he growled at the Singe Serpent.

The monster snarled in return.

Vosala jumped forwards, racing underneath its lengthy body. He swung the sword at its underside, only to scrape its metal skin without effect. The crowd, however, shouted in enthusiasm, thinking he was doing something brilliant underneath the beast. At least the maneuver wasn’t a total failure.

With surprising agility, the Serpent raised itself from the ground and plunged his head under itself, charging after Vosala.

The Toa examined his blade. Alone, it was helpless against this beast, but perhaps with a little bit of heat… He began running his hand up and down the blade, summoning the power of his mask to coerce the metal into a harsh fiery glow.

Then the crowd watched in horror as the beast swallowed Vosala whole. Several haunting moments passed as the Singe Serpent triumphantly began circling the center of its cage, beginning to ponder the riddance of its only source of entertainment.

“No… That’s impossible!” the announcer shouted over the arena. “Has Toa Vosala…? Did he…?”

And suddenly there was a blaze of light, and the beast was sent sprawling back as a ball of fire shot from its mouth. As the fire hit the ground, it dispersed with a spiral of smoke, revealing a laughing Toa Vosala, his armor lined with glowing runes and patterns.

“Was that a little hard to swallow?” Vosala jeered before he noticed the melted wad of steel and charred leather in his hand that used to be his sword.

Laughter rose from the amused crowd as the Serpent regained its standing. As soon as it was up, its throat began to charge with energy, sending an intimidating glow out its mouth.

Vosala dropped the sword and drew out his shield and began to sprint towards the edge, hoping the distance would help protect him from the upcoming fire breath.

The Serpent released its flame, a straight beam of power that chased after the Toa. Vosala spun around right as it was about to hit him, kneeling and ducking behind his shield as the fire slammed into the barrier. He was pushed back slightly through the dust, but held fast as the blazing strength continued to strike against his shield. As soon as it relented, he began to scan around the arena.

I need something sharp, he thought to himself. All I’ve got is sand, and wall, and shield, and… His eyes fell upon the series of torches spread out amongst the ring-shaped arena. There.

The monster began to charge, all of its legs kicking up chunks of sand and dust as it moved. Its saws roared and scraped and snarled with energy, and its eyes glowered with a furious light.

Vosala sprinted straight for the wall, turning at the last moment. The Serpent slammed into the stony construction, shaking its head clear before facing the Toa once more and following after him.

Feeling the Rahi gaining, Vosala quickened his pace as fast as he could, trying to reach the nearest torch. He jumped forwards, turned back, and threw a ball of fire behind him. It hit the Serpent, only disorienting it a little, but its force also propelled the Toa ahead by a few steps. He landed right next to the torch and snatched it from its mount.

The Matoran-designed torch was a simple contraption, consisting only of a red metal shaft with a thin piece of red fire glass at the end. The fire glass took the glow of the Lightstone placed within it and magnified it into heat and flame. By replacing the stone with his own flame, Vosala could, hypothetically, use the torch to create a thin beam of constant fire, a sword, of some sorts. At least, that was how Grinner would explain it at the saloon. Did Vosala even pay attention to the old man’s stories?

Here goes nothing, Vosala decided, dropping the shield on the ground. The flame had burnt away much of the paint, revealing its rusty iron metal beneath.

Vosala launched another blast of fire, this time against the wall of the arena, and he went soaring towards the center of the arena. If he was going to pull this off, he would need to make a show out of it. The stage was set, he was the player, and he would give this crowd the Toa they were asking for. That Toa was him .

He ran into the dead center of the arena, pumping a burst of flame into the sky. He let the resulting cheers of the crowd fuel his strength as he prepared for what would come next.

The Singe Serpent screeched as it dashed towards Vosala, raising its body as it prepared another blast of fire. This time, Vosala had no shield to hide behind. Surely, it would have him now.

The audience fell to the edge of their seats as they watched the flames leap from the dreadful beast’s mouth and towards the Toa, and Vosala seemed to do nothing to protect himself. He simply held up a hand towards the fire, and…

Every single tongue of flame was suddenly turned from its course and streamed into his hand. The inferno seeped into the Toa’s hand, adding to the brightening glow of his armor’s decals. He smiled as his body absorbed it all, feeling its strength now contained within him. He lifted the torch and pointed its tip towards the beast’s gaping maw. As the serpent pounced upon him, he coursed the flame into the torch and watched as a steady blade of energy shot through its point.

“I said I’d slay you with sword and fire,” Vosala said with a smirk. “But I guess I meant a sword made of fire…”

The Serpent hissed as it lunged towards him.

Fire sword, fire sword, fire sword! Vosala screamed inside. He jumped up to meet the robotic beast. Fire sword! Fire sword! FIRE SWORD! He soared over the mouth of his foe, the sword of fire in his hand dragging along the metal. A fierce gash of melted steel traced by the tip of his sword appeared behind it.

Oh, I am awesome, he smiled. I’m Toa Vosala. And Toa Vosala’s legend would begin here.


One thing I like about these interludes is how they reveal some details about the other lands in this world, even if worldbuilding isn’t their main focus. And of course, getting to know the Toa is really nice.


Oh very nice. I really like how different each Toa is.

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Interlude - "THE SIBLINGS"

The earth felt soft beneath Auru’s palms, yet firm. It was resilient and powerful, but also gentle and quiet. It was his material to sculpt from. It was his clay.

He lifted his hands up, dragging two small pillars of dirt with them. He leapt up, kicking his feet out, and stood atop the two pillars with balance and might. His massive Toa form threatened to collapse the fragile dirt structures, but he held on with his power and kept them upright. He drew his fingers into fists as he summoned pieces of soil to build up around his towers, lifting him even higher. From up here, he could see the town below. Despite the frosty winds of the Iron Mountains, Auru’s core felt warm seeing his home.

Granite Town was a simple village of houses protruding from the stony side of Basalt Peak. They were formidable in structure, but welcoming in appearance, with their rough wooden roofs pointed into steep cones to discourage build-ups of snow. From every window glowed a lazy light of fire, and from every chimney poking out of the cone roofs, a short pillar of smoke.

As Auru was admiring the scene, it was suddenly blocked by a dark shape rising from the bottom of his vision, a great rounded object eclipsing the homely beauty of his town.

“Bread?” a voice called from below. Auru glanced beneath the encroaching loaf to see Ouphri, his sister, looking up at him patiently.

Auru smiled beneath his mask, causing a twinkle in his green eye, and took the bread into his hands. Still warm.

After finding a flat rock to sit on, Auru broke the grain into two, watching the steam rush out of it enticingly. He felt his stomach chamber buzz at him in excitement.

“You haven’t changed much, Ara,” said Ouphri, struggling to leap up onto the rock.

Auru lowered his hand so that she could use it as a foothold. She easily jumped from it to the spot next to him. Auru gave her the other half of the bread, which she took after a second of reluctance.

“What are you trying to say?” asked Auru. “I am a great Toa, now! I can move earth with my mind, and shape stone from my hands! Governor G’Nauli says that I may one day be able to twist metal with nothing more than a finger! I would say I have changed quite a lot from the little Matoran you knew a month ago.”

“You still run off on your own,” noted Ouphri, “though now you’re ‘training’ instead of climbing mountains on your own.”

“It is very important for me to train!” Auru protested. “I don’t know when I’ll meet the other Toa, but I must be at my full strength! What do you think Toa Kidoma is doing right now? Or Toa Narale? Do you think they are preparing to protect their homes without training every day!”

Ouphri shook her head. “I wasn’t trying to make an argument. It was just an observation.”

“Oh,” said Auru. It was always different with Ouphri. She wasn’t like their other siblings. She was the youngest in the family, but it was sometimes easy to forget that. She was performing incredibly well in her classes, and sometimes spoke with the wisdom of, well, of their father.

“You also still spend your life putting others before yourself,” Ouphri continued. “Like those hikers you saved. You could have died, jumping into an avalanche like that.”

“But so could they,” said Auru with a nod.

“There’s one more thing,” Ouphri said. She pointed up, her finger mere inches from the Auru’s covered right eye. “You still don’t talk about that.” Beneath the patch, she knew there was a horrendous scar he had earned when he was very young. It was before she was even crafted.

Auru pressed two fingers through the eyehole of his Kanohi and felt the coarse fabric of the eyepatch. “What is there to talk about? There used to be a working receptor there, and now there isn’t. It was damaged in an avalanche.”

“But you never talked about it. Baurn says you used to talk about everything , and now you only never talk about yourself. You never talk about what you’re feeling or afraid of. You never say when you’re sad or lonely, you just pretend you never are. Ara, Auru, you are the Toa of Earth, but it’s more than just a set of powers and a responsibility to you. It’s another mask to hide behind.”

Auru squinted at his sister. Wow, she reminded him of Dad. Auru and Baurn and the others were much more like their mom; friendly and gentle with their words but strong and fierce with their actions, while Ouphri and Dad were blunt and smart with what they said. They thought they knew everything, and would tell you they did.

“I’m sorry,” Auru said with a weak smile behind his mask. “I know you want me to pour out some weary story about my childhood, about what happened to me, about this-” He pointed to the patch. “But there’s nothing to tell. It happened, and I’m trying to move on. I’m okay, you don’t need to worry about me.” He took a large bite of the bread, but was disappointed to find it had gotten cold.

Ouphri looked down at her own piece, and set it on Auru’s lap. “There’s more at home,” she said as she pushed herself off of the rock. She landed in the snow and took a glance back. “Do you think Toa Kidoma keeps it all in? Do you think he doesn’t have people he talks to?”

Auru shrugged. “I talk to people. I really do, Ouphri.”

“I don’t care what the stories say,” Ouphri said as she began to return to Granite Town. “You’re not a superhero. Superheroes don’t get hurt. You just pretend you don’t.”

Auru watched as she left, clutching the bread within his heavy armored hands. The hands that could sculpt earth, but could still be emptied.

Here it is, the final interlude before I begin Chapter 2! Enjoy!


Was the interlude with the Toa of Fire based on the description of Arena Vulcanas in Bara Magna? I like this story very much! Keep up the good work, @ToaNoah_Wafflemeister !

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ooh I quite like the direction you went with the Toa of Earth, nice job



Wow, I wish it was! My knowledge of Bionicle is actually about surface level (I watched the first three movies and Biocraft and MNOG with Meso and all of Eljay’s reviews and that’s about it), but I try to reference it where I can! Maybe I’ll look into it further and see if I can build it into a reference… Thanks for the idea!

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By the way, I just realized that this character I built last year looks similar to your picture of Toa Kidoma:


Yo, that’s actually hilarious! Thanks for showing that!

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Helryx in her prime

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I’ll second this. I’ve enjoyed getting to know all of the other Toa through these interludes. I’m really looking forward to seeing them all meet up.


Thanks! You guys definitely helped inspire the interludes in the first place, and they were plenty of fun to write!


Well, guys, I’ve got bad news, so I thought it’d be fit to pair with with some title designs I’ve been working on:

Main Title

I’m not so sure about the blue I used for the upper “The Legend of Bionicle” part, but I like the fonts and the lower title for sure.

Chapter 1 - Generic Title

I just used this for the chapter overview, but I thought served its purpose well. Nothing too special.

Chapter 1 - Section Title

The image I used for the actual sections of the story.
Chapter 2 - Generic Title

Chapter 2 - Section Title

The first look anyone has ever had at anything from Chapter 2! I personally like this one a lot, though I understand it’s very dark and kinda hard to see… At least it looks pretty ominous!

None of these titles are final, so they may change as I find things I like more. Feel free to add suggestions to make them better, or edit them yourself!

The Bad News:

I’ve looked at some rules for Pitch Fest, and realized that this year likely is not a good year to suggest New Shores. There’s a requirement that the project is an “Original World,” and while New Shores is arguably an Original World, at the very beginning as I had to choose if it was one, or a Prequel/Sequel/Spinoff from another LEGO property. I decided on the latter, which I believe would disqualify me.

Even if not, I think New Shores still has a lot of room to grow. I was wrestling with how to pitch it while I’m in the midst of Chapter 2, as I feel Chapter 1 does not really convey a significant portion of the project I intend to pitch. I am planning on actually sending LEGO the pitch next year, when I intend to be finished all the way through Chapter 3. Plus, it gives other creators more time to design art and their own creations! Here pretty soon, I’m going to have a section time purely dedicated to inviting fans to create their own set of major characters, and I definitely don’t want to rush that…

All that being said, thank you all for your encouragement and ideas. It means a lot to me as a creator, and you guys have influenced this project in ways you likely don’t even know. Keep being awesome!


Personally, I think the light blue looks good. But I’m not a graphic design expert, so take my opinion as you will.

Even if you won’t be pitching New Shores to LEGO right away, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy your work in the meantime. You keep being awesome, as well!


Ooh those logos look pretty cool. I also think that the light blue works well enough. nice job

As for the pitching stuff, it’s too bad you won’t be able to pitch it all but then stuff like that happens. Anyway I am enjoying your content so don’t let this small obstacle stop you from writing! :smiley: